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What Does Candy Brick Do?

Candy Brick is a property developer company currently building luscious villas in Croatia with a strategic investment and full rental management service. Our mission is to provide stress free high quality investment properties in Croatia, optimising management and as a result maximising financial return.


Croatia’s tourism and real estate industry is In 2017 the country had a record-breaking season with 18.5 millions of tourists, generating 102 million overnight stays. Istria took 22.7% of this tourism and is a top location for high value tourists.

This is why we identified it as having huge potential for the best investment experience! Thanks to a skilled and multidisciplinary team it was possible to build investment properties with high financial return.


Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic sea and is an enchanting region that offers spectacular coasts, unique Roman monuments, and exquisite cuisine. It also offers an extraordinary opportunity to build your wealth with an investment property.

This is because Croatia is hot right now with both the number of tourists and property prices increasing1 . And due to the recent success of the Croatian national football team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the use of Croatia as a backdrop for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Game of Thrones and Star Wars, enthusiasm for the country shows no sign of diminishing.

In 2018, 19.7m tourists visited Croatia generating 106m overnight stays. These were increases of 6.5% and 4% respectively in comparison to 2017. Istria received over 4.4m of these tourists, generating 28m overnight stays2. Tourist accommodation in Istria is in high demand and very often is fully booked months in advance.

Part of this increase is due to an organic growth, with many tourists returning after enjoying themselves and new tourists arriving through word of mouth recommendations from family and friends.

Traditional tourists to Istria come from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia due to their vicinity, allowing them to come by car. However, in the past 10 years, the number of tourists from France, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, and Poland has increased. In fact, Istria’s airport in Pula had a 36.5% increase in passengers between 2016 and 20173.

A lot tourists coming to Istria are high spending families or couples attracted by its cultural, natural and gastronomic attractions. Another factor that makes Croatia generally attractive to tourists is it being very safe, with an absence of crime and internal problems. Croatia has been ranked among one of the safest countries in the world for tourists to visit, being ranked 24th in the 2017 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report4. Croatia is also very tourist friendly with most local people speaking at least three languages (Croatian, Italian, English, or German)5.

Also making Croatia attractive to property investors is that property prices are growing on average 2.3% annually. Istria has some of the highest growth with an average of 3.13%. In particular, properties in Pula saw a rise in value of 12% last year6. However, there is limited space to build on Croatia’s Mediterranean coastline, with 90% protected and set to be untouched.

This growth is expected to continue, being stimulated by investments in Croatia. Between 2014-2020 the EU allocated almost €7b to boost economic competitiveness7 and €12.7b for structural investments. Between 2021-2027 these amounts are expected to rise.

Private investors are also pouring money into Croatia, with €7b expected to be invested in hotel construction and renovation, convention centres, campsites, nautical tourism and theme parks by 2020. And with Croatia’s economic outlook being upgraded to BB+ and healthy GDP growth expected (2.8% in 2018 and 2.6% in 2019), more investments, and real estate investing are foreseen in the coming years8.

Examples of such are:

  • €270m by the Valamar Group to build both new resorts and refurbish it’s current facilities9;
  • €80m to build the most luxurious hotel in Croatia, in Rovinj, Istria, by the end of 201810;
  • A €65m new resort and marina in Pula to be completed by 202011;
  • €11m for a new winery in Motovun, Istria, that includes a hotel, restaurant, multi-purpose hall, wellness centre, lounge bar, and nightclub12.

Unique Benefits

30,000 Rental Income
Your villa can make €30,000 rental income giving a return on investment if 8.3%. This is 53% higher than the Croatian average;
Full Management Service
Stress free income. If you want, you can choose our full rental and management service.
Free electricity
Your villa has a photovoltaic system, which produces electricity from the sun, which reduces your electricity bills.
Ready to live in or to rent out all year round
Floor heating, Daikin air-heat pump, air-conditioning in each room, fireplace make the villa a perfect property to use or to rent out all year long.
Fully Furnished
The villas come fully furnished to a high standard;
Sea View
Beautiful sea view looking out to Cres Island.
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Candy Brick guarantees


Become an owner of a brand new Candy Brick villa stylishly furnished, with private garden, pool and sea view. Located in the rapidly growing Istria region.
Rent your villa out to tourists.
Don’t get bothered with boring work. We offer you full facilities management, marketing and rental service. Let us do our job!
Candy Brick guarantees


The best way to protect yourself from such negative situations is choosing the right partners. When you’re the owner of a Candy Brick villa, all these risks and uncertainties, are distant memories. Instead, a Candy Brick villa is a pleasant experience for your eyes, mind and wallet. We’ve made this possible with the Five Candy Brick Guarantees. These ensure you passive earnings, steady capital appreciation and full legal protection.


The Candy Brick Legal Guarantee protects your interests and ensures there are no legal issues surrounding your real estate investing.

We suggest a series of conditions to put in the contract that cover all scenarios, leaving no doubts and unexpected risks. This is possible because Candy Brick villas have no legal problems. Not having a legal guarantee means you’re not protected if the real estate investing has serious problems of a legal nature.


As an investor you may want to resell your villa within a few years. Candy Brick villas are designed to last and are projected to grow in value over the years.

How do we at Candy Brick define quality?

  • Robust construction from the foundations to the roof;
  • Solid and resistant interiors to withstand all the tourists it will host;
  • Functional and interesting particularities;
  • Strong multidisciplinary team with many years experience in constructing residential properties in Istria;
  • We only work with high quality partners, including a very professional Italian building company with over 30 years experience in construction (

This means you don’t have to worry about the quality of design, materials, construction or furnishings. The Candy Brick Quality Guarantee covers all these aspects.


The Candy Brick Rental Management ensures you a consistent rental income from your real estate investing.


To enjoy your rental income with minimal effort and cost, we offer the Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee. Here you have trusted and professional staff not just looking after the bookings. But also taking care of the guests and the villas. So, you don’t need to think about:

  • Welcoming guests;
  • Cleaning and laundry;
  • Gardening and pool maintenance;
  • 24/7 guest management;
  • Fixing and covering any damages caused by the guests.

If you want Candy Brick property management to relieve you from all these tasks, we can do it for a commission of only 20%. Guests will also be very happy with your choice in Candy Brick property management, as we offer them the following additional services:

  • Extra cleaning or maintenance during the stay;
  • Personalised welcome package at check-in including samples of various local products;
  • Guests with children will find a corner with games;
  • Guests with pets will receive a treat for their furry friends;
  • Meal delivery service with partnered restaurants;
  • Concierge services for booking restaurants, spas, trips and transportation;
  • Baby-sitting service;
  • Taxi service;

In case of any problem with the villa, guests have at their disposal a number which they can call at any time.


With the Candy Brick Exit Guarantee we look after the eventual resale of your property. This will speed up the process of your sale and increase the perceived value of your home. This is because you will be able to take advantage of our expertise in selling and our wide network of interested investors. And, buyers will know they are buying an original Candy Brick villa.

With property prices rising in Istria and growing interest in wanting to buy a property here. We are confident any resale will happen within 18 months. And for a higher price than when purchased. If either conditions aren’t met, we will offer the resale for free.

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Pietro Santoro

As in every company, the difference makes people; if you think of it a moment, the human factor is what is behind every smaller and infinitesimal detail, and details are what distinguishes a healthy and robust company from something unstable and unprofessional. Well, I have known in person who is behind this company, and I can assure you that professionalism, seriousness and honesty are at the highest levels; the absolute top in the real estate area.

Pietro Esposito

The difference in this sector, especially the people working behind such well organized projects. And the team his work definitely does it very well: Transparency, competence and availability

Davide Diamantini

Great initiative! The best support, for any investor interested in the Croatian real estate market.

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