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About Us

What Does Candy Brick Do?

Candy Brick is a property developer company currently building luscious villas in Croatia with a strategic investment and full rental management service. Our mission is to provide stress free high quality investment properties in Croatia, optimising management and as a result maximising financial return.


Croatia’s tourism and real estate industry is In 2017 the country had a record-breaking season with 18.5 millions of tourists, generating 102 million overnight stays. Istria took 22.7% of this tourism and is a top location for high value tourists.

This is why we identified it as having huge potential for the best investment experience! Thanks to a skilled and multidisciplinary team it was possible to build investment properties with high financial return.

Unique Benefits

30,000 Rental Income
You get a €30,000 rental income guaranteed by contract giving a return on investment if 8.3%. This is 53% higher than the Croatian average;
Full Management Service
Stress free income. If you want, you can choose our full rental and management service;
No Electricity Bills!
The villas are autonomous and self sufficient. And, any excess electricity produced can be sold to the grid.
"Made in Italy"
High quality design, materials and construction by a reputable construction company from Italy;
Fully Furnished
The villas come fully furnished to a high standard;
Sea View
Beautiful sea view looking out to Cres Island.
Our Projects

Featured Work

Candy Brick guarantees


Become an owner of a brand new Candy Brick villa stylishly furnished, with private garden, pool and sea view. Located in the rapidly growing Istria region.
Get your €30,000 revenue, guaranteed by a legal agreement with us. Rent your villa out to Candy Brick and then, we sub rent it to tourists, that’s our job!
Don’t get bothered with boring work. We offer you full facilities management, marketing and rental service. Let us do our job!
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Pietro Santoro

As in every company, the difference makes people; if you think of it a moment, the human factor is what is behind every smaller and infinitesimal detail, and details are what distinguishes a healthy and robust company from something unstable and unprofessional. Well, I have known in person who is behind this company, and I can assure you that professionalism, seriousness and honesty are at the highest levels; the absolute top in the real estate area.

Pietro Esposito

The difference in this sector, especially the people working behind such well organized projects. And the team his work definitely does it very well: Transparency, competence and availability

Davide Diamantini

Great initiative! The best support, for any investor interested in the Croatian real estate market.

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