Dove comprare un immobile da investimento? Candy Brick (Istria, Croazia) vs Algarve (Portogallo)

Il primo passo per investire in un immobile, è decidere DOVE puoi ottenere le migliori performance e condizioni. In questo articolo troverai un confronto tra 2 opzioni – Candy Brick in Istria (Croazia) e Algarve (Portogallo).     Investimento immobiliare Candy Brick o un immobile in Portogallo? La scelta è molto semplice!   Cosa significa[…]

Croatia is now investing on health tourism!

If you are planning on investing in Croatia, in an specific sector, for example real estate, it is important to know beforehand, what is the investment scene of the country you are aiming for.  It is not news that the main industry and sector that receives more investments currently in Croatia is tourism, showing amazing[…]

Rok Sport, Vodnjan, Croatia

Tennis lovers, Croatia on the Davis Cup finals!

Davis Cup – originally known as International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy -, is the main and biggest international tennis tournament in the sports scene. It attracts tennis players from all over the globe, giving them the unique opportunity to represent and play for their homeland.   How did the tournament start?   With Davis Dwight, born[…]

Picture by Silvia Zeitlinger, The master’s Butcher Singing Club filming

Light, camera, action! Croatia is the emerging star of Europe

Croatia is the emerging star of Europe, with its beautiful scenic landscapes, natural resources and picturesque tows, it serves as a perfect set for filming and big productions. Apart from Game of Thrones Croatia, the country has been stage for big productions such as, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Hobin Hood: Origins the upcoming James Bond and Mamma[…]

Metro line

Croatia News: Transport development down the line!

Croatia country has become a popular holiday destination in Europe. The climate, gastronomy and landscapes attract more and more visitors each year and for that, developments are necessary to keep this figure increasing.   Gari Cappelli, the minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia since October 2016, said: “ The achieved results of tourist[…]

Croatia Instagram

Instagram lovers, the best places to visit in Croatia are a goldmine! 

Social media is being bombarded with Croatian landscapes during the summer of 2018. Sunny weather, clear turquoise sea, picturesque lanes and buildings make the perfect combination for that snap you are looking for. Receiving the amount of 18.5 million tourists only last year, makes it easier for the spread of dreamy summer holidays in Croatia,[…]

Croatia news, land in sight

Croatia news: Technology in sight!

Croatia News: That Croatia is a magnificent country and full of natural resources is not news to anyone, what might be news for some people is that Croatia is a technology developing country and home of innovative startups.     <<CONTINUE TO READ>>

Where to stay in Croatia? Try Istria and you won’t regret

If you wonder where to stay in Croatia, first you have to ask yourself what are you looking for and what you expect from your holidays in the country. If you would like to have a classy, refined and relaxing holiday, with quality stay and experiences one place you should definitely aim to Istria.  […]

Property for sale in Croatia? Triple check everything

If you plan to buy a property for sale in Croatia, you might be wondering about the numbers, how much capital you have to invest, what are going to be the costs and the maintenance and finally, your return of investment. Surely those numbers are really important, but you should also consider a property for[…]