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Festival of Lights Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb Croatia Was Lit Up Again, But This Time Not For Christmas
Zagreb, Croatia is an incredibly entertaining and amusing city to visit. The capital of Croatia has a population of approximately 900.000 inhabitants, and offers plenty of activities. The Festival of Lights in Zagreb is only one of the many events that take place in the city, and it is definitely worth a visit. Zagreb gets […]
business tourism increase in Croatia
Business Tourism Is Increasing In Croatia
Croatia attracts millions of tourists yearly looking for a place to relax and spend their holiday. However, recently, Croatia is not only showing an increase in holiday seekers but also, business tourism. The beauty and peacefulness of Croatia enchants any tourist that visits the country, regardless the trip purpose. According to the Business Destinations magazine, […]
Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world
Burj Khalifa Enlightened With Croatian Colors
Burj Khalifa is known for being nothing more, nothing less than the tallest skyscraper in the world. And this month, this magnificent architectural piece was proudly enlightened with the Croatian flag. Burj Khalifa is also known as Khalifa Tower, received the name in order to honour the president back at the time. Burj Khalifa has […]
Croatia bike: cycling in Croatia, exciting bike trail
Cycling In Croatia: Time For Some Active Holidays
Many tourists come to Croatia to try the spectacular mediterranean gastronomy, fresh sea food and sunbathe on some of the stunning beaches along the Croatian coast. But others, come to the country willing to spend their free time cycling in Croatia. Cycling in Croatia And Crossing The Borders If you classify on the second group […]
is it safe drinking tap water in Croatia?
Drinking Tap Water In Croatia Should Be A Problem?
If you are coming for your holidays in Croatia, there might be a few tips you can find interesting and also very useful during your trip. One of the most important factors and maybe the first question you ask yourself when you are on holidays in Croatia or anywhere else in the world is that. […]
Revolut revolutionise the banking experience in Croatia
Revolut Will Revolutionise The Croatian Banking Experience
Revolut was launched in 2015, having in mind that people nowadays either people are too busy to manage and control their finances by going to the bank. Or they are not settled in one place, but having business or based in many different places. Revolut is backed by some of Europe’s most well-known investors. They’ve […]
Michelin star restaurants in Croatia
Michelin Star Restaurants In Croatia Are A Must Go
That Croatian food is particularly delicious, fresh and rich a lot of people know. However this year, the Croatian gastronomy was even more appreciated and recognised by 5 Michelin Star restaurants that were awarded. Discover the enchantments of flavour and scent of this wonderful country in which, as Cassiodorus wrote in 537, “patricians lead the […]
international real estate Croatia
Croatia Is One Of The Best International Real Estate Opportunities
According to the listing of the best international real estate countries to look to, Croatia is on the top as shown the renowned magazine Forbes. As the Brexit approaches, there is a predictable impact on the international real estate demand. Companies that are currently based in the United Kingdom might start migrating their offices and […]
Croatia sunny weather
Weather Today In Croatia: The Forecast Is Promising
The weather today can determinate the destination and the itinerary of your planned trip. Apart from national holidays or other festivities, such as Christmas. Most people decide to go away and take a break from the daily tasks and stress during the sunny months of the year. For that, Croatia has perfect holiday weather, and […]
Croatia World Cup 2018
Croatia World Cup Was Unforgettable For All Nations
Croatia World Cup 2018 was truly exciting. Since 1998, which was the first World Cup after the country’s independence. Croatia showed the passion, energy and determination throughout all the matches at Russia World Cup 2018. The country had its full attention on the happening, passionately following the World Cup matches. In Istria, the Amphitheatre in […]
Music concert in Croatia
Michael Bublé Is Coming to His First Concert In Zagreb, Croatia
Michael Bublé is coming for his first concert in Croatia, at the Arena Zagreb. If you haven’t been to Croatia yet and are a fan of the singer, this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a visit and book your ticket. If you already know the country and love spending your holidays in […]
Safest countries in Europe
On The List Of The Safest Countries In Europe, Croatia Is On A Safe Position
Croatia is one of the safest countries in Europe, yes. Apart from being blessed with astonishing nature, landscapes, fresh and rich gastronomy, and fantastic weather. The country also ranked the 22 position on the list of the safest countries in the world. Coming to Croatia for holidays is already a delightful experience. But knowing that […]
Blockchain network
Blockchain: Croatia Is Embracing The Idea
Blockchain technically started around 8 years ago, but the technology really took off around 3 years ago. The fact that a number of investors are buying cryptocurrency and chit chatting about them on social events more often, is a proof of this increase. Why Is Blockchain Attractive? What is attracting investors to make this move into […]
Ironman Croatia
Ironman: Are You Tough Enough?
Croatia offers plenty of beautiful landscapes, activities, and healthy and delicious gastronomy all year round. This year of 2019, the town of Poreč, together with Funtana, will host an exciting event. The Ironman 5150. Ironman competition exists for 41 years. In 1978, the first event was held in Oahu, Hawaii.  “We’re thrilled that we brought […]
Family activity holidays
Are You Ready For Some Family Activity Holidays?
Coming to Croatia means having a fantastic time. If you decide to have some private time, you can enjoy some wine tasting, truffle hunting and the stunning coast of Croatia. But Croatia can be also superb if you are looking for some family activity holidays. Activity Holidays: Waterpark with the family, make sure you get […]
Croatia Vacation, Air Serbia
Croatia Vacation: You Have Now A Couple Of Extra Options To Reach Paradise
Coming for a Croatia vacation sounds perfect in every way.  Regardless if you are planning on reaching the country by car, ferry or train. If you are coming to Croatia by plane, then you will have two more options to land in this beautiful paradise. Air Serbia Opens New Doors This year, Air Serbia, is providing […]
Croatia Road Trip
Croatia Road Trip: Motorway Improvement Ahead
If you once came to Croatia, you know that the country is one of the most wonderful holiday destinations in Europe, perfect for a Croatia road trip. If you live near and are lucky enough to reach this wonderful country by car, then the news is even more exciting for you. Large developments and investments, […]
Discover Istra: The Best Location For Your Investment Property
The region of Istra is situated on the west part of the Republic of Croatia. It is the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. A strategic geographic position makes Istra the most attractive part of Croatia. The climate of the Istrian peninsula is a typical Mediterranean climate; dry and very warm summers, with the average […]
Visovac Island, Krka
Krka National Park Is Celebrating Its Birthday And We Are All Invited
Croatia is a gem in Europe, it is blessed with magnificent untouched nature, breathtaking landscapes and fantastic National Parks, such as Brijuni, Risnjak, Plitvice Lakes, North Velebit, Kornati, Mljet, Paklenica, Risnjak and the star of the day Krka. Price List The price to visit this paradise called Krka National Park varies, depending on the season you decide to visit. […]
Real Estate in Croatia
Real Estate Price in Croatia Is On The Rise
Know Where To Invest Real estate price in Croatia is constantly rising, the number put Croatia on the third place of the property price risers of the European Union. In the third quarter of 2018, Croatia came after Netherlands and Malta, with 2.8%. The avarage of price rise in the European territory was of 1.5%, […]
Rastoke Slunj Slapovi, image by Olaf Helwig
Discover Slunj, The Second Most Welcoming Place On Earth
Croatia is full of mysteries and fantastic places to be explored and discovered. It is a sea of smaller administrative territorial units within counties, cities/towns in urban areas, and municipalities in other areas. According to the 2006 Act, Croatia has 127 towns/cities and 429 municipalities. You can decide and go explore yourself this municipalities, but […]
Adriatic sea
China Investment On The Coast
Again, the Chinese keep showing interest for Croatia and are willing to make this link even stronger and closer. This link has started centuries ago, around 700 years. But this time the focus is the coast of Croatia, in particular Rijeka with a China investment opportunity. First, Tourism A noticeable increase of Chinese visitors to Croatia took place in 2017. […]
Croatia Airport: Number Of Tourists Keep Increasing
In 2017, the data showed the impressive number of 18.5 million tourists visited Croatia, that generated 102 million overnight stays. According to Eurostat (Statistical office of the European Union), in comparison to 2016, it was an increase of 13% of visitors to the country. And consequently, the number of arrivals also generated a substantial increase […]
cpu processor
Impressive Robotics in Croatia Attracts Angel Investors
Croatia has a massive potential for new technologies and is home of a few major startups that are now global, attracting the interest of angel investors. Promising Startups For example Infobip, the first to be mentioned. Started in 2002 by a group of friends and developers in Vodnjan, they fully recognized its potential after it […]
Croatia's economic growth
Croatia’s Economic Growth Is Positive
Croatia’s economic growth is very positive, with the rise of investments and developments taking place. The country is becoming more and more attractive. Due to this fact, the The World Bank, which is formed by five institutions working for sustainable solutions to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries, has positive perspectives about Croatia’s […]
dog-friendly Croatia beaches
Croatia is Dog-friendly
Croatia has fantastic weather and perfect Croatia beaches for you to enjoy on your own, or with your family, and yes even with your dog if you wish to. Most of Croatia beaches allow you to bring along your dog for a swim. However, if there is a very visible sign you might not be […]
INA investment in Rijeka
The wave of investments in Croatia, didn’t stagnate on the last year. This year 2019, the company INA, which is a medium-sized European oil company, with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region, plans to invest heavily, around 4 billion kunas or more, in order to improve and […]
Best Christmas market in Europe is in Zagreb
Epiphany has arrived and Zagreb Advent is successfully over
Christmas is a magical time for people. Time to enjoy the family and appreciate the valuable and small things in life. Despite the cold, Christmas in Zagreb can be one of the “warmest” times of the year. One fact that people might not be too familiar with, is that the winter in Croatia is magical, […]
Croatian cow cheese
Croatian Cheese
That the croatian, food is utterly delicious we all know. Full of freshly grown, healthy and high quality ingredients. But what we might not know is that, they created some of the most wonderful delicatessen of today’s, the cheese. Also, due to the mediterranean weather, the environment for growing other products is simply perfect. First […]
Croatia business!
If you have a business mindset, think ahead or are looking for an investment opportunity in Croatia, you are looking at the right place and perhaps right time too. In 2019, Darko Horvat, who is Founder and Owner of Aktiva Group and serves as Head of Energy Directorate at the Ministry of Economy, Labor and […]

Real estate Croatia is a promising sector, but keeping updated about other developing sectors and investments, is essential for a smart investment decision.