A Candy Brick Welcome to Croatia

First, thank you for showing interest in Candy Brick villas. We would like to give you a sweet welcome to Istria, Croatia.

In the Mediterranean region of Istria you can see incredible potential, beauty and charm, continual positive changes and investments, and growing prosperity. 

Istria’s property market is in good health, with favourable conditions from every point of view.

We are a property development company building luscious villas in Istria. We offer a strategic investment and rental plan for our villas making them stress free and maximising your financial return.

Our unique benefits are:

  • You get a €30,000 rental income guaranteed by contract giving a return on investment if 8.3%. This is 53% higher than the Croatian average;;
  • Stress free income. If you want, you can choose our full rental and management service;
  • No electricity bills! The villas are autonomous and self sufficient. And, any excess electricity produced can be sold to the grid;
  • High quality design, materials and construction by a reputable construction company from Italy;
  • The villas come fully furnished to a high standard;
  • Beautiful sea view looking out to Cres Island.

We were founded with competence, determination and a spirit of sharing. Our mission is to merge beauty, wellness and value into an extremely profitable experience for all.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about Candy Brick villas and we invite you to visit us in Istria.