About Candy Brick

We are based in Vodnjan, Croatia. 

Candy Brick is a brand owned by Millennium Star Assets d.o.o. with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia.

Millennium Star Assets d.o.o. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Millennium Star Assets Ltd based in London, UK.

Millennium Star Assets Ltd has expanded its activity from renovation projects in Italy to building new villas in Croatia. It is currently investing heavily in the construction of villas in Croatia and running a separate rental and management business.

Millennium Star Assets Ltd is a private limited company owned by 152 shareholders with fully paid up capital of £4,625,862. Millennium Star Assets Ltd has zero current or long term liabilities.

The Team

David Ruscelli
Investor in real estate and trader. IT specialist with 12 years experience as a programmer and system integrator. Leader of the largest Italian community focused on long term, solid and high value investments (with over 10,000 members). Co-creator of the PEM® financial plan. Active supporter of a school construction project in Chrey village (Cambodia).
Mauro D’Urbano
President and Co-founder
Investor in real estate and trader. Leader of the largest Italian community focused on long term, solid and high value investments (with over 10,000 members). Co-creator of the PEM® financial plan. Active supporter of a school construction project in Chrey village (Cambodia).
Luca Carta
Vice President
Digital and real estate entrepreneur. Luca has had 2 successful exits worth over €1m for his digital businesses and is also involved in the construction of apartments and villas value up to €5m. He has been the commercial director of an automotive multinational for 5 years, increasing revenues by €500m and gross profit to 50%.
Marta Stone
Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder
Co-owner and director of companies in Croatia, Romania and the UK, focused on real estate investing and trading. Marta has overseen the complete planning and development of the Candy Brick project in Matelići. She is fluent in English, Polish and Italian.
Paul Pietrangelo
Chief Financial Officer
Entrepreneur and fundraiser. He has helped start 3 companies, growing one to over 60 staff in 4 years. In addition, he has raised over €20m for other highly innovative SMEs and overseen their effective use of these funds.
Margareta Kocijančić
Investment Manager
Margareta is a certified real estate agent with over 10 years experience in the industry. Famous for selling the most expensive house per square metre in Istria. Born and raised in Pula, she has an unsurpassable knowledge of Istria. Margareta is fluent in English, Italian, German and Croatian.
Nicole Di Nardo
Communications Manager
Nicole is a Brazilian graduate designer from the University of South Wales. Being involved with design since she was a kid, she followed her passion and is extending her skills through marketing and communication.
Blanka Šverko
Property Manager
Blanka is a well organised, fast, and enthusiastic administrative officer. She can speak Croatian, English, German and Italian, and has worked in administration and tourism for over 10 years. Blanka has a lot of energy and manages to oversee the entire administration of Candy Brick whilst also looking after her child.
Tajana Šebek
Administrative Officer
Tajana is a vivid and communicative administrative officer who speaks fluently English, Italian and Croatian. Beyond making sure Candy Brick is running like clockwork, she also sings in a mixed vocal band.


Erica Laganis
Erica has a Masters in Architecture from the Università’ degli Studi di Firenze. She has been practising for over 6 years and has worked on 16 projects ranging from interior design, residential architecture, commercial architecture and renovation.
Agata Aggielook
Interior Designer
Agata has been practising interior design for 14 years. She has an eye for refinement and detail. In addition, she also practises landscape design and is responsible for designing also the exterior areas of our projects.
Maria Concetta Di Girolamo
Legal Advisor
Since Maria graduated in law in 1997 she has been working in the real estate sector. As a project manager she has overseen the complete management of complex construction projects from the phase of identifying the building area, to the delivery of the units. Within this time she has developed strong knowledge in the areas of real estate law, finance, sales, and administration.
Deni Tomišić
Deni is an expert geodesist from Istria with 11 years experience. He has solved countless difficult cases for foreign real estate investors in Croatia.

Our Partners

Studio Barbato
Duerre Tecno Service