Investment Properties in Croatia


Become the owner of one of the brand new investment properties in Croatia.

We only have a few villas in our Krnica plot. An exclusive development of 6 luscious villas with heated swimming pool on the south east coast of the Istrian peninsula.


Candy Brick investment properties in Croatia bring you wellness and serenity. Every aspect has been meticulously planned to the smallest detail and regulated by contract. There are no uncertainties. When you stay at your villa you will experience comfort, relaxation, and genuine fun with family and friends.

The villas are all located in the commune of Marčana, a charming area that is close to some of the most beautiful natural spots in Istria, such as Krnica, Rakalj, Šegotići, Peruški, Pavićini, and Kavran. Further away you’ll find Labin, Rabač, Rovinj, Fažana, Pula, Medulin, and Kamenjak.

The position of Candy Brick investment properties in Croatia guarantees privacy and tranquility, whilst at the same time being close to major attractions and communities. In this way it is attractive to tourists and guarantees guests. In fact, Marčana is getting more popular with tourists each year. Between the first half of 2017 and 2018 the number of arrivals increased by 83%.