We are a “Superhost”! ūüŹÜ Why is it important for you and the rental management of your villa?

I am very happy about all your feedback regarding the project “Laguna Marina”, which comes in with the rental management.
As you noticed, everything is going great – from the beautiful location to the contemporary style – every single item and square meter in this project really makes sense ūüėä 
But if you are a real estate investor, numbers are also definitely important
I am sure that in the process of selecting your next property to invest in, you pay close attention to the profitability of the rental business and the rental management.
More importantly, you must focus both on: 

  • the current numbers of the rental
  • the quality of the rental management that we offer to your guests, which determines the future growth, solidity, and long-term sustainability of your revenues. 

One of the most popular booking platforms – Airbnb – determined that thanks to our rental management we are a Superhost! 
What does that mean? 
Airbnb Superhosts offer their guests outstanding services ‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź 
Airbnb assigns the status of Superhost after the host meets certain requirements in terms of guests’ satisfaction, number of bookings, response rate, etc. 
It takes some hard work to get there, and only a minority of hosts managing more properties at the same time can achieve this result!


At the links below you can find some of the guests’ reviews in a few properties that we manage.

This is one reason why our villas are quite well ranked in the main portals, meaning that they get more views and more bookings!

How do we achieve such high guests satisfaction? 

  • The villas are beautiful and the guests love staying there, enjoying the houses and the pool.
  • The location is great, close to the sea, and in some cases a walking distance to the town.
  • Most important: we manage the rental business internally, meaning that we have a team composed of passionate and multi-language people who are fully dedicated to hosting, welcoming, cuddling, and helping the guests to have a great experience in our villas.

That is much different than most owners do, or than a “cold” tourist agency!

Our main Property Manager, Isabella, put such a great effort into that, and every single day all the guests feel well treated and taken care of! 


If you are planning to own a Candy Brick villa, our title of “Superhost” is definitely great news for you!

The following benefits are waiting for you:

– The Superhost badge is visible next to your villa’s name;

– Guests will see your villa in search results and emails, increasing the ranking and the views;

– Guests are more likely to trust and choose your villa, meaning that you can expect inquiries and bookings to increase;

– More bookings mean more revenues: according to Airbnb, Superhosts earn an average of 22% more than other hosts.


As you can see, being still in July, we can say that our villas expect to reach ‚ā¨40,000 gross rental income in 2021.

This result is significantly higher than most 3-bedroom properties in Istria.

It is the result of persistent hard work, very high guest satisfaction, and off-season rental which makes your villa on the market all year long.


This is highly possible.

The nightly rate of your villa could increase a little, as its “ranking” and “reputation” increase.
At the same time, the occupancy rate should remain very solid.

We are a Superhost! ūü•≥
You can be a Super-Investor, setting up a great long-term lasting partnership.

Questions? Comments? You can always contact me for the details.



Why only with Candy Brick can you achieve the best out of your new villa in Istria?

Last month the director of our partner company for the laundry services, told me: ‚ÄúMarta, in the last winter and spring months, nobody was working. Nobody except you!‚ÄĚ

And then: ‚ÄúYou are having guests all the time, every week, 12 months a year, in more villas. Before that, I used to get the job only in the summer. How do you do such a good, intensive and¬†continuous rental?‚ÄĚ

He knows it quite well, as he receives the laundry from us at any guest departure ūüėČ

Indeed, he asked me and my team to manage also his property in Pula and recommended us for one quite big rental property close to the Arena in Pula ūüôā
As an investor, who is thinking of having a new villa in Istria, this should be very interesting for you.  

Why only with Candy Brick & Seaways Villas can you achieve the best out of your villa?

When I say the best out of your villa, I mean the following:
the highest and constant rental income, minimizing the costs, maximizing the guests’ satisfaction, and therefore boosting the future revenues and the value of your villa.

There are several ‚Äúsecrets‚ÄĚ included in our rental strategy

  1. 1. Intense and constant work in renting out the villas: searching for the guests, offering them the best possible service, no matter if it’s summer, or winter, or Easter, and if it’s cold, or hot, or there is a pandemic ongoing. We are active 365 days a year, and your villa is always ready to host the guests!
  2. 2. Focus on cost minimization, as we try to manage everything internally, which for us means more control and fewer costs. Therefore, we avoid expensive agencies and external services which involve different subcontractors, providing ourselves the best and fastest service. This is why we can offer you such a limited all-inclusive 20% commission on your rental income.

But there is a key factor that really makes the difference:

Guests satisfaction!

Why the guests’ satisfaction is so important?

Past guests’ satisfaction is key for the future guests’ decision, as well as for improving dramatically the ranking of your villa among all the portals and all the engine research.

Do you want some proof?

This is the income (bookings for 2021 so far) of one villa at the 2nd year of rental, after receiving such good reviews and ranking:
Below you can see the difference in terms of views (villa’s profile visualizations) from the potential guests.

The first one is the villa managed by us, and the second one is a new listing. 
One of the villas managed by Seaways Villas on Booking.com: over 0,5 mln of views, 58 bookings in a year for this single villa.
New listing for Seaways: a lot of room for growth on Booking.com.
In addition, on another sales platform – Airbnb – from July 2021, we will be Superhost, and this should give an additional boost to reservations and income!
And of course, to become a Superhost, a key role is played by guests reviews and satisfaction.
Why are the guests so happy with us?
Me and our property manager and a wonderful host: Isabella (on the left)
What we focus on is:

– being quick, responsive, flexible, in any moment they need;
– Isabella and the other members of the team are extremely kind, patient, and gentle, in every situation;
– warm check-in & check-out;
– active help with tips, offers, organization of activities and services if required;
– we ‚Äúcuddle‚ÄĚ your guests from the very first message they write to us, in this way they feel welcome, safe, and in good hands.

The guests of your villa appreciate all this a lot, therefore they leave happy (often with some gift) and in many cases, they are willing to come back.

In addition, the villas are modern, beautiful, comfortable, close to the sea, surrounded by nature, with beaches very near and services at walking distance.

They couldn’t make a better choice!

In this email, I wanted to mention this aspect because it is really key to your investment.

Other houses in the area, struggle to make even half of the result.

And it is not only about the rental income, but rather, how it is generated, and what is behind the scene.

With a Candy Brick villa, we don‚Äôt want ‚Äújust to make some rental income‚ÄĚ.

Our common goal is to achieve a solid and long-lasting ‚Äúmuch higher than average‚ÄĚ rental income, with the overall financial result improving over time together with the value of your house.

To achieve this objective, good market demand is not enough: what makes the difference is the attitude, passion, consistency, humanity, with the desire of improving and doing better any single day.

We love it and we do it, making all this story beautiful, unique, long-term lasting, and pleasant ūüôā
Update on Laguna Marina

To conclude this email I would like to give you a further update on the Laguna Marina villas.
Last week, together with the chief architect and our engineer, we met the mechanical static engineer.

We presented to him that we want to limit the number of pillars under the oriel, which is covering the outside terrace, the barbeque zone, and the sundeck, as we want to achieve a modern look. 

The engineer analyzed the project and already gave us the great news that we won’t need many pillars as he will increase the quantities of steel and concrete to hold our modern ideas ūüôā

Following the part with the engineer, we defined that the gutters will be hidden in the facades (a successful solution from Silent Valley in use for a few years).

In addition, we would like to have natural stone in the BBQ zone, joining in this way modern villa with the elements of the Istrian/Mediterranean tradition. 

Last week we also met the mechanical engineer, and we are waiting for the exact calculations in order to select the most effective solution for the heating & cooling system.

Later on, we will move ahead with projecting the installation of the photovoltaic panels in your villa. As we want that in Laguna Marina, you benefit from the solar energy, as the villas in Silent Valley do!

Coming soon!
One great news: next weekend I should be able to present you with the first renders and 3d visualization of the houses ūü§©

Together with the layout, you will be able to have a clear idea of how your villa will look like.

I will share it with you, together with a sample of the Letter of Intent.

Some houses received a high level of interest, therefore the time is coming for you to secure your favorite house!

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Best greetings from Istria!


Real estate Croatia: big loan for a big improvement

A huge loan designated to real estate Croatia is ahead, and coming from¬†The World Bank Group. For the ones who don’t know The World Bank Group, it is¬†nothing more nothing less than¬†the world‚Äôs largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Their intention and commitment is to reduce poverty, increase shared prosperity, and promote sustainable development. And the Country now on their table is Croatia.


19.7 million euros on its way to Croatia


An incredible amount of 19.7 million euros to develop, ease and improve the Administration System Project. The advance is clearly on the days of waiting at  Land Registry Offices that decreased by 75% from 46 to 12 days, for mortgages and property transactions, and also on the Cadasters Offices, decreasing by around 33% from 30 to only 8 days.


But it has been coming this way since 2016


Long ago in November 2016, a system called Joint Information System was implemented, it is easy, completely accesible and modern, so people can register online with their personal details, instead of the going through the painful experience of having to go to a public office. 



Tourism in Istria: New record in May!

The statistics keep rising and showing that Istria is a prosper destination to invest in.


The reliable source found in Istria Tourist Board website, shows that Candy Brick chose the perfect location to initiate its project, the Candy Brick villas in Matelici, Marcana. 


The data is analysed monthly. The months are compared in relation to last year’s,¬†between May 2017 and May 2018.


The figures show, the amount of tourists that decided to choose Istria as their holiday destination, and how long their staying in the region lasted.  


Based on those numbers shown, we can observe that more people are arriving to Istria, and those people are also staying much longer than they used to.


According to the table above, there was an increase of 33% of total arrivals, and the overwhelming total increase of the overnight stays by 1.1 million more than last year!


Istria is a prosper investment destination, but in particular, Marcana!


Another interesting factor, is that Marcana, where the modern Candy Brick villas are situated; in Matelici plot to be more specific, had the overnight stays increased by more than 100%, and the number of arrivals comparing to last year, increased by 300%!!! That is an incredible amount increase.


If we take as Marcana as a comparison to the other areas that received more tourists, we can notice that none of them had the same increase, not even close to 300%.


But why are high value tourists staying in villages like Marcana, and not the Central main areas?


As the great majority of the people that come to Istria, are from countries within a driving distance, for example; from Austria the driving distance takes only 5 hours. If a German tourist decides to leave, from the south region of Germany, for example Munich, to Istria, he or she will spend 6 hours and a half to drive the distance of 582 km. Those higher numbers are due to the area Istria is located.


The main and most known areas are becoming too overcrowded, there is too many people for not so much capacity of receiving those people. 


The facility that tourists have to drive to Istria, is affecting and increasing the number of people that don’t necessarily have to stay in central areas. Therefore, there is no urge of staying in an area of easy access to public transport, for example.


Let’s take Marcana as an example again. The driving distance from Candy Brick Villas in Matelici to Pula, is 20 minutes, probably shorter than the period you would wait for a public transport to pass by, which makes the location of the villas really accessible to drive to the city or the sea if you wish.


There is also the factor of a high value tourist’s profile, the privacy of staying little bit further from main areas, in small villages and towns around, is much more unique and appealing. A luscious property, right in between the city and the sea,  and not in a popular area is what they look for.


The Istrian culture is particular also.


The richness of the flavours in Istrian cuisine is unique. Olive oil, sea food and truffles are also things that high value tourists look for. Istria has got it, and in great quantities.




But, where do they come from?


Another interesting data that the Istria Tourist board website offers, is the tourists country of origin.


Istria is rising interest from a lot of countries. Even their own nationals are getting more attracted, and interested in the region. 8% of Croatians from other areas flocked to Istria in May 2018. Fourteen thousand new arrivals comparing to May 2017.


Austria for example, had 158 thousand residents that visited Istria this years generating 545 thousand overnight stays, is an exceptional number of tourists an average of more or less 3.4 overnight stays per person. Austria is responsible for 15% of the overall amount of tourists that visit Istria monthly. 


Germany is the greater responsible for the amount of tourists visiting stria, 33.22% to be more precise.  What is impressive about their numbers is not the amount of arrivals, but the amount of overnight stays generated with those arrivals, a total of  over 1 million overnight stays 100% increase. The average period of staying is 6.2 nights per individual.


Having in mind that the whole Istria population amount is 206.344, all of those numbers are impressive and they keep rising.


Candy Brick will attract tourists, development, bring investors and quality to Istria!


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Protect your investment: how to avoid legal risks with the LEGAL GUARANTEE


Designed by Freepik

I know that you are focused on the minimum income that you can get with Candy Brick villas (at least 20.000 – 25.000 euro each summer).

And I agree with you: it is a very high income (protected by the CANDY BRICK RENTAL GUARANTEE) .

Probably you are also very focused on the opportunity to sell the villa in the future, at a higher price.

Candy Brick villa is an asset that improves dramatically your financial situation, creating income and value at near-to-zero risk.

But all this is not possible with a property that is not covered with the CANDY BRICK LEGAL GUARANTEE. 

Foreign buyers in Croatia: stressful journey with no happy end in sight

Meet John (Birmingham, UK), Anna (Padova, Italy) and Peter (Potsdam, Germany).

3 foreign property investors, who wanted to have their house in Croatia: a luxury escape, few minutes driving from the seaside, where to spend time with their partner and monetizing with rental to tourists during the season (from June to September).

Unfortunately, their journey as investors in Croatia is not the one they wanted¬†ūüėį

And what makes them even more furious is that it will continue on a difficult and stressful track also over next years¬†ūüėĪ

Meaning that, instead of enjoying their villa with pool in Croatia and renting it to tourists, today they are still struggling to end their nightmare in Croatia.

But WHAT has happened?!

Signing a purchase contract with NO legal guarantees

John, Anna and Peter have been watching closely the real estate market in Croatia for over a year before taking the decision:

“Yes, I want to be the owner of a villa with pool in Croatia”.

They learnt where should be located and how many rooms should have a villa to get the highest profit.

They visited the Croatian coast few times before the purchase and felt confident when evaluating houses on njuskalo (website with ads) and Real Estate Croatia (portal with real estate offers).

In 2016 they found a real estate in Croatia of their interest.

The arrangement of the rooms and the location seemed to be exactly what they were looking for since a long time.

They knew, they should have controlled the documents of the house and plot before going to the notary. But….

(If you are thinking now, hmmm… I’m buying a house in Croatia… why should I control the plot, your money are at risk and YOU NEED TO LISTEN to the podcast with geodesist Deni Tomisic: click here to listen to the podcast).¬†


… the man from the real estate agency pressed them. He wrote the agreement, organised the translation and set the meeting with the Seller at the notary.

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Commission of 3% was too attractive to let go 3 foreign buyers.

If you can read in the agent’s head, you would read:

You know… if I give them 2 more days to analyse, they may change their mind or change the conditions of the contract. I need to close the sale quickly. Immediately!

“Don’t worry our boss has 13 years of experience, our agency operates since 1997, we know how to protect you, Buyer”

This is what the investors heard from the agent. They checked and in fact it was true. The agency has been opened since 1997 and the boss started working in real estate 13 years ago.

But will they really prepare the contract to protect mine, buyer’s interests? That question was in the head of John, Anna and Peter.

Meeting at the notary has been organised. Monday morning at 9:00.

Time is running, but let’s consult the agreement with a lawyer.

First lawyer was busy.

Tick tack, tick tack.

The second one spoke only Croatian.

Tick tack, tick tack.

Should I sign what they give me without even proposing any conditions?!

Tick tack, tick tack.

Let’s do it. I am tired of searching for a house for sale in Croatia.

Tick tack, tick tack.

And if they have bad intentions? Uff, I need to delay the notary. Find another lawyer. Where is my phone to call the agency?

Tick tack, tick tack.

But… if that property is my life time opportunity? Location is perfect and so is the interior design.¬†The season is about to start. If I don’t buy now, I’ll loose a year. And then… investments carry some risks. Even if I get the consultancy from the lawyer, I can’t be 100% sure. Lawyer I don’t know. He thinks to earn a small percentage of the purchase contract and there are little changes he will enter all the aspects¬†(with all the workload he has).

Million thought. But there was really no time left to think. Go, go.

Phone is ringing.

John, we are waiting for you at the notary. Where are you?

9:15. Notary. Signature. Stamp. Done.

Let’s celebrate!¬†ūüéČūüéČūüéČ


7 months has passed and the Seller still did not transfer the ownership on John.

John has transferred the agreed sum to the Seller, but he is still not the owner of the house in Croatia.

Agent tried to find the Seller, but he left Croatia and went back to Russia.

John’s lawyer (yeahhh now he got him) is sending letters to the Seller. They are coming back to Croatia.

He changed his residence address.

John do has the keys to the house, so in theory he could enter the place or rent it somehow, but there is a problem.

The house requires a little renovation (around 19.000 euro investment) and John doesn’t want to pump money in a house that is not of his ownership.

Sooner or later John, with his lawyers (that cost a lot too) will find the Seller. And the ownership will be finally transferred. But nobody will give John’s the money back for the lawyers and his time back to solve this case.

And he will also never get back his time and health.

When it will finish? Nobody knows.

Until today the situation is blocked.


After the purchase, Anna went with her husband to celebrate the start of their new journey as investors in Croatia in a nice bar, just on the coast of Rovigno.

They posted a photo on Facebook, got 200 likes, 100 comments with congratulations.

Today, after a year, Facebook remind that day to Anna.

Anna is a calm person. Even if someone is rude to her, she tries to ignore without getting angry.

But now, when she thinks that, on the “purchase day” she has even offered the flute of champagne to the Seller – Ivona, she rather looks like a mad Rottweiler with drooling saliva.

Ivona, tall and light blonde doctor from Zagreb, over her 40-ties.

Anna trusted her quickly.

Maybe it was because Ivona seemed to be a woman Anna always wanted to be – independent, smart and quick in making decisions?

Ivona was also quite attractive too. But Anna will never tell you that it was also a factor that pushed her to trust her so quickly.

Today, at Anna’s house nobody remembers Ivona’s name. When talking about the house purchase in Croatia, they call her THAT SL*T.

But, what did Ivona do to be called that badly???

Well, at the day of purchase the documents of the property were fine: Anna and husband controlled many things, but most importantly there was no mortgage on the property.

Unfortunately, Ivona was a real b**ch and the contract they signed had no legal guarantees to Anna, the Buyer.

And next??

How should it be? Anna transfers the money to Ivona’s account. Ivona transfers the ownership to Anna.

But how it was? Anna transferred the money. Ivona got a mortgage on the house – object of the contract. And only after she had transferred the ownership.

What a surprise to Anna when she discovered to have 100.000 euro mortgage on her new house in Croatia! Nightmare!


When you’re buying a plot. A list of things to check is really long.

In fact, it’s very easy to buy a plot that will be a¬†nail in the coffin of your investment¬†‚ė†‚ė†‚ė†

One of many points on the “to do list” before the purchase is checking the distance from the electricity pillar and the power left that the closest pillar has.

And it’s not something you are used to check when you’re buying a house, as¬†you think that a house is already connected to the electricity.

Peter was also thinking like you.

He bought a house in Croatia.

And only then he discovered that his new house is not connected to the electricity.

It had only a temporary access that has been provided for the construction phase¬†(it’s an electricity with a lower voltage not enough for you).



Ok, let’s fix it.

Electricity company is saying:

We have no voltage available for you in the village. We need to build a new pillar.

Cost of this is 900.000 kunas. It’s over 120.000 euro. OVER 120.000 EURO FOR ELECTRICITY?!

But, but, how can it be? Who should pay for this?

 Who needs electricity pays: you will pay, Peter.

Peter, you should have though about this before!!!

One simple condition in the contract and the Seller would be obligated to pay for this.

Or… maybe… one simple check and you would never buy this house???

Peter, we are very sorry for you, but now you are with this problem alone. And soon you will be also with 120.000 euro less on your account. Profitable investment in real estate in Croatia? If you expect to live 1000 years, maybe you will start seeing some returns ūüėČ

Solution for Investor in Croatia: Candy Brick Legal Guarantee

All this problems (property not transferred on time, mortgage out of nowhere, well, out of Ivona, unexpected and huge cost of electricty connection) and more (join mailing list) have as a reason a certain type of Seller Рa person who is selling you a property with legal problems or who intends to create legal problems after the signature, with intention.

Is it rare to meet such Seller? Anna, Peter and John met and it may happen also to you.

But you can learn how to identify them.

Here’s how:

You want to put conditions in the contract, the Seller rejects or says it will never happen or he’s telling you that you are exaggerating or that you don’t trust.

You are the first one asking us so many things. Trust us more instead of delaying the signature of the purchase agreement!

Blah blah blah

Be careful. When the Seller looks only at money and not your satisfaction, he will present you the simplest contract possible to close the deal quickly.

A simple contract of 2 pages means there are no paragraphs which explain what will happen if you…

  • discover the mortgage as Anna
  • can’t get the property transferred on you as it happened to John
  • see that to connect the house to electricity you need to spend 120.000 euro
  • … THERE ARE MANY OTHER “IFs” to be explained, IN THE CONTRACT!!!

Don’t worry. If it happens we will solve.

No, no, no. Before you sign all the “IFs” must be on the paper, leaving no doubts or hidden unexpected risks.

And this is what the Candy Brick Legal Guarantee covers – all the uncertainties.


When signing the contract for your Candy Brick villa you will never hear “you don’t trust us”, accompanied with a sad, unsatisfied face of an agent or a no-name seller:

What’s important for you from the legal perspective must be written clearly¬†in the purchase agreement,¬†with no beating around the bush, in a language that you understand.

It happens that although you don’t know Croatian language, agencies or no-name sellers make want to sign the agreement in Croatian, providing no translation.

For buyers who can’t get a Candy Brick property, even the start of their journey is painful.

At the notary in Croatia everything will seem like a video in which they push the SPEED UP x 16 BUTTON.

Agent will bring them contract, 2 seconds after, they will be pointed where to sign.

The sellers will be staring at them, waiting with their turn to sign.

The notary will be staring at them too, showing where to sign.


Then, they will realise they signed the last paper of the contract without even seeing the first page.

And if the first one is today different that the one they have seen on their mail a day before?!

They will see when it will be all over.

Anyway, even if they give them 2 more minutes to re-read the contract, what can they understand in Croatian??

This is what happens far from Candy Brick, although on the same planet of Istria in Croatia and what you will never experience.

We will suggest you a series of conditions to put in the contract that protect your interest.

And we can do this, because Candy Brick villas has no legal problems of any type.

We’re realising a long term plan of brand development that in few years will find an interest of important international capital groups and our mission states our values and the quality of our projects.

Sample conditions

  • If the ownership is not transferred in a period of 10 working days, the Seller needs to refund the Buyer and pay a penalty.
  • The Seller guarantees that the property do have the usage permit. Shall this be missed,¬†the Seller will refund the Buyer and pay a penalty.
  • The Seller is not allowed to¬†burden with mortgage the property for which it has signed the sale agreement. Shall this happen, the sale agreement is invalidated.

Additionally, the sale agreement will contain all necessary conditions to ensure that you will be the only owner of a villa Candy Brick and to exclude any undesired surprise that could occur when things are not done in the right way.

20.000 euro (at least) each summer sounds great.

But being secure from the legal side is even more important for your investment in real estate in Croatia.



Dove comprare un immobile da investimento? Candy Brick (Istria, Croazia) vs Algarve (Portogallo)

Il primo passo per investire in un immobile, è decidere DOVE puoi ottenere le migliori performance e condizioni.

In questo articolo troverai un confronto tra 2 opzioni ‚Äď Candy Brick in Istria (Croazia) e Algarve (Portogallo).



Investimento immobiliare Candy Brick o un immobile in Portogallo? La scelta è molto semplice!


Cosa significa davvero investire in un immobile?

Il tuo obiettivo è prendere il sole in piscina, quando non ci sono i turisti? No, non credo.

Oppure lo fai per vantarti con i tuoi colleghi di lavoro, che esclameranno ‚ÄúWOW!‚ÄĚ con grande invidia, perch√® vorrebbero avere una casa-vacanze come la tua?

No, credo proprio che il motivo non sia quello!!


Quando cerchi un immobile da affittare, e vuoi ottenere un ottimo risultato economico, devi pensare razionalmente  e basare la tua decisione sui numeri.

Il focus va quindi sulle entrate economiche che otterrai da questo immobile nel corso del tempo.

Se segui questa strada, saprai scegliere facilmente dove investire.


Inoltre, sarai molto felice della tua decisione…e ti godrai anche il sole in piscina!;)



Tempo di numeri! Puntiamo i riflettori su Candy Brick in Istria (Croazia) e Algarve (Portogallo). Guarda il confronto!


Numero di pernottamenti (sono i TUOI CLIENTI PAGANTI)


Oltre 27.400.000 pernottamenti nel 2017 in Istria (Croazia). Questi sono i clienti di Candy Brick !

(Il numero dei pernottamenti viene pubblicato mensilmente da  Istrian tourist board. Puoi tenerlo sotto controllo QUA.)


Ora, per il confronto, hai bisogno del numero dei pernottamenti in Algarve.

Google, aiutami!!

No, il dato non si trova così facilmente.

Ho trovato solo numeri non aggiornati e‚Ķ l’articolo pi√Ļ recente che ho letto non √® proprio cos√¨ incoraggiante!

L’articolo parla infatti di un forte calo dei turisti provenienti dal Regno Unito nella zona di Algarve.

Inoltre, l’utilizzo di dati non aggiornati √® una chiara dimostrazione che a nessuno interessa di fornire informazioni accurate ai potenziali investitori, i quali vorrebbero capire se Algarve √® il posto migliore per acquistare un immobile da mettere a reddito..

Continuo a cercare, modificando le parole chiave e limitando il timeframe di riferimento. Ho bisogno di dati aggiornati !

Alla fine, finisco nel sito web¬†Statistics Portugal¬†‚Äď che dovrebbe essere il pi√Ļ valido e affidabile.


4 giorni fa (!!) hanno pubblicato un¬†documento, che mostra il flusso dei turisti…nel 2016!!

OK, allora proprio non volete darmelo il dato della stagione 2017, che mi permetterebbe di valutare e decidere!

E va bene, vado avanti utilizzando i dati del 2016: 18,1 milioni di pernottamenti ad Algarve.

(Ma ora dimmi: come mai l’Istria pubblica le statistiche ufficiali costantemente, mese per mese??!)


Pernottamenti di clienti paganti: oltre 27,4 milioni (Istria, Croazia) vs 18,1 milioni (Algarve, Portugal)


La differenza è imponente : 10.000.000 di notti pagate!!

E’ come dire 10.000.000 di occasioni in pi√Ļ di affittare la tua propriet√† Candy Brick in Istria, piuttosto che in¬†Algarve.

Niente male, dato che negli investimenti contano numeri e servizi. E con Candy Brick in Istria hai entrambe le cose 


UN ALTRO ELEMENTO DA CONFRONTARE: PRENOTAZIONI MEDIE di circa 7 giorni (Istria, Croazia) vs 2,5 giorni (Algarve, Portugal)


Non puoi decidere dove comprare un immobile da investimento, senza guardare con grande attenzione la durata media delle prenotazioni.

In pratica (cioè: in $$$), in Istria paghi per le pulizie una volta a settimana oppure ogni due settimane, mentre a Algarve paghi 2-3 volte alla settimana. 

Non vorrai mica ospitare i turisti in case sporche, e con asciugamani già usati??!

Data la permanenza media inferiore ai 2,5 giorni, un immobile ad Algarve significa costi fissi pi√Ļ alti, ed automaticamente minori profitti.

Al contrario, con una villa Candy Brick in Istria, hai la garanzia di prenotazioni minime per 7 o 14 giorni.


Tipologia di clienti in Istria e Algarve, e possibilità economiche.


Se hai due bambini, sicuramente avrai molti giochi con te, probabilmente un cane (o forse due, pi√Ļ un gatto:)). Viaggiare in aereo diventa quasi impossibile.

Probabilmente sceglierai una località bella, invitante, comoda, che puoi raggiungere in poche ore di macchina.


Chi passa qui molto tempo, prenotando le nostre ville¬†? Famiglie, in molti casi dalla Germania, una delle nazioni pi√Ļ ricche in Europa..


Le immagini spiegano ¬†PERCHE’ pi√Ļ di mille parole.


Distanza in macchina dalla Germania a Pula, Istria (Croatia)

La famiglia che prenota la tua villa, parte al mattino e all’ora di pranzo si sta gi√† godendo il pranzo sulla terrazza della tua villa Candy Brick¬†


Distanza in macchina dalla Germania a Faro, Algarve (Portugal):

6 giorni massacranti di viaggio con bambini e animali sono una soluzione impossibile per i tuoi clienti, che in genere hanno 14 giorni di vacanza.


Infatti, i turisti tedeschi preferiscono andare in Istria (Croazia) con le proprie famiglie, e non vanno ad Algarve.


Atmosfera familiare


L’istria √® la destinazione preferita dalle famiglie, e non solo per la distanza e comodit√† logistica.

Un’altra ragione √® che l’Istria √® un luogo molto ospitale, che offre moltissime attivit√† culturali e di intrattenimento.


Ecco cosa ottieni da Google se cerchi ‚Äúfaro algarve party‚ÄĚ

Ragazzi giovani (leggi: portafogli vuoti), che prenotano appartamenti economici su Airbnb o ostelli in stanze dormitorio.


E invece quando digiti su Google ‚Äúpula party‚ÄĚ:

In quasi tutte le immagini puoi vedere¬†l’Amfiteatar¬†di Pula (Istria).

Questo luogo ospita concerti, opere teatrali, e altri eventi culturali. Per entrare, il costo non è proprio di un euro.

Questi eventi attraggono un pubblico molto diverso rispetto a quello che va a Algarve.

Le famiglie che vengono in Istria hanno uno standard di vita diverso, amano attività culturali e di intrattenimento, e prenotano il soggiorno presso le bellissime ville Candy Brick con piscina, e non certo in ostelli al risparmio.


Dove acquistare un immobile a uso investimento: TIME FOR KNOCKOUT


Le famiglie che trascorrono le vacanze in Istria (Croazia) prenotano una specifica tipologia di immobili: ville con piscina.

Se possiedi una villa¬†Candy Brick, il tuo obiettivo sono minimo¬†20.000 ‚Äď 25.000 euro¬†a stagione, per tanti anni.

I turisti prenotano la tua villa sei mesi o un anno in anticipo!  E spesso pagano una parte del soggiorno diversi mesi prima della stagione estiva!

E ancora : le prenotazioni sono di 7-14-21 giorni, lunghi periodi. Prenotazioni, arrivi e partenze sono organizzati alla perfezione.

E no, una villa Candy Brick non ti costa 500.000 euro!!!! 


E invece Algarve? I turisti spendono la maggior parte del tempo in hotel, villaggi vacanze, e appartamenti.

Generalmente prenotano all’ultimo momento (sono giovani e pi√Ļ flessibili/imprevedibili dei turisti in Istria), e restano in media per soli 2,5 giorni.

Nessuno prenoter√† (e pagher√†) il tuo immobilie in Algarve un anno in anticipo, garantendoti ¬†20.000 ‚Äď 25.000 euro per stagione¬†!


Impossibile, in Algarve. Ma è molto difficile anche in Istria se acquisti un immobile da venditori privati o da agenti immobiliari, il cui obiettivo è solo incassare la commissione di vendita!


Le 5 Garanzie,¬†che proteggono il tuo investimento da minimo 20.000 ‚Äď 25.000 euro¬†a stagione


Le ville Candy Brick sono le UNICHE coperte da ben 5 Garanzie di Sicurezza, a protezione dei tuoi interessi.

Acquistando una villa Candy Brick entrerai in un gruppo esclusivo di (9) investitori  privilegiati, e otterrai:

  • Legal ¬†Guarantee (Garanzia Legale)
  • Quality Guarantee (Garanzia di Qualit√†)
  • Rental Guarantee (Garanzia sugli affitti)
  • Local Master Team Guarantee
  • Exit Strategy Guarantee

Le garanzie verranno illustrate nel dettaglio in alcuni dei prossimi articoli. 

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Nei prossimi articoli troverai anche il confronto tra investimenti in immobili in Croazia e in altri paesi come:

  • Italia
  • Spagna
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Listen to Istrian geodesist before you search for villa for sale in Croatia

Before you search for villa for sale in Croatia, listen to the interview with Deni Tomisic Рan expert geodesist from Istria. 


You really don’t want to be in a place of a real estate investor, who is buying an investment property abroad, in Croatia, without checking first the land issues!

You should get now a chill up your spine. Brrrr…



Checking aspects connected with the land seems obvious when… buying a land.

However,¬†it doesn’t sound so self-evident, when going through houses for sale in Croatia with a fine-tooth comb.

And in fact, many investors, once they see how much they can make yearly from renting out the villa to tourists, they don’t analyse much more.


The moment when your eyes feel like 2 bling-bling dollars  is time to take a breath and make a couple of questions.

Start from making sure that the geodesist, who was involved in the construction of the villa that you want to buy and let out in Croatia, is an expert, who really knows his job.

With support of an expert geodesist question marks will quickly disappear and you will be sure what is an interesting investment property and what is definitely not.


Interview with Deni Tomisic – an expert geodesist from Istria Croatia


In the first episode of Candy Brick Podcast – the first podcast about real estate investing in Croatia – you will meet Deni Tomisic (ABAKA d.o.o., Rovigno in Istria Croatia).

Deni Tomisic can’t count the number of cases that he solved successfully for real estate investors in Croatia.

In the podcast he shares most difficult cases and proves that with expertise and good preparation every goal can be met.

Technical aspects of geodesy, the reasons why every investment project in Croatia must be supported by an expert geodesist, problems of investors who search for villa for sale in Croatia, business opportunities, practical tips – all this you’ll find in this episode!

If you are interested in having a property in Croatia that you rent out to tourists and benefit from rental income, you really need to listen to interview with Deni Tomisic.


What are the topics of the podcast with Deni Tomisic? 


  • How did it start that Deni Tomisic became an geodesist?


  • What was the most difficult project in which Deni Tomisic was involved in, as an geodesist, and how did he solve it? I only mention here, that there was one case in which he found an agreement with 50 people!¬†This shows the importance of human relation for a top-notch geodesy project.


  • What does the¬†geodesist actually do?


  • Catastar“,¬†land registry Croatia – what data can it give to you?


  • What are the mistakes that a geodesist may do during his job? (such errors could cost you a lot of money and nerves if you search for¬†villa for sale in Croatia)


  • How to find a geodesist if you are a new investor in Croatia? Who should you avoid to work with?


  • You are interested in few real estate in Croatia. Let’s say in Istria. You‚Äôre still not the owner. You are coming with them to a geodesist… What should you ask the geodesist¬†to be sure that you actually buy, what you know to buy.


  • Case study: February night… big problem with villa for sale. Actually, there were more villas for sale. 3 lawyers in Rijeka Croatia can’t solve Marta Stone’s problem. The real estate agents “seem” to put a trap on a foreign investor. Deni proved (in less than 24 hours!) that the villas priced 1,8 mln euro can be anything. But for sure not an investment! Listen to the whole story in the podcast.


  • What are the best places to buy in Croatia? Istria? Dalamtia? Zagreb zone?


  • Istria in 10 years – what will it become?


Play the audio below and listen to the podcast


Buying property in Croatia? OK, but first, geodesist

Buying property in Croatia? OK, but first coffee, geodesist


If you own a holiday villa in Istria Croatia, you can rent it out to tourists (getting the bookings a year in advance!). Giving you the possibility to make a profit by selling the villa in 10-15 years, when the prices in Croatia will go up.

The problem is that when you start the procedure of buying a property in Croatia and start searching for¬†homes¬†for sale… you must also start dealing with sellers.

No matter if you are wealthy and respected in your home town. If you don’t have determination to analyse some aspects of the property before the purchase, the sellers will think that you are…naive. With money, but still, naive.

And that is a problem for you.

The seller’s interest is different from your interest. the sooner you are aware of it the better.


Conflict of interest between you and a no-name seller


When you are buying property in Croatia, you need to know that seller’s goal isn’t to help you and consider your concerns as an investor.

They just want your money in their bank account and never see you again.

The sellers are often no-name people, without having a brand and reputation they care about.

And what hurts more, a public opinion that the seller made a terrible job, that everyone can see, or a letter from a lawyer that only the seller and you know about?

Public shame hurts much more and motives people to make a solid job.

I’m not trying to say that you need to get a branded villa immediately.

You just need to get more information before the purchase.

Keep on reading to find out what to check, get informed and show everyone that you are not a naive foreign investor.


First step when buying property in Croatia, online research


Read and analyse real estate portals and its ads in Croatia, such as NjuŇ°kalo, Rightmove Croatia, Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Place in the Sun Croatia, Crozilla, Real Estate Croatia and so on.

You need to keep updated on the market and what are the offers available.


Second step, meetings and viewing


When you find interesting options, organise the house viewings with the sellers or real estate agents.

Try and schedule them one after another, so that you can check as many as possible during your stay in Croatia.

The notes, if possible document with images and videos everything you see, take in consideration your feeling and first impression of the place.

Take with you a friend or acquaintance that can help you analyse the property.

It is very relevant recording somehow what is promised or said to you, so you can protect yourself against any traps.


The crucial step of buying property in Croatia: analysis of interesting options


Don’t get mistaken, no-one else can make the house analyse better than you, not an¬†agent or seller!

If the seller tells you, that the house is 120m¬≤ , buy yourself a¬†measuring tape and confirm¬†ūüôā

Request proven information – original and updated documents.

Anticipate and avoid serious problems after the purchase you, get enough information beforehand, anticipate and avoid serious of problems after the purchase.

The seller doesn’t want to share with you any negative aspect of the house that could lower your offer or make you give up the buy.

It’s not a matter of luck, which makes the difference on your investment return. It’s the a matter of researching, collecting information and planning.


Photos, visits and then?  What else should you check to avoid any regret on your decision


Apart of seeing pictures and visiting the house, check also:

  • Trends in tourism in Europe and in Croatia. If you buy a villa to rent out in a country, where tourism decreases, don’t think that its value will increase over time! If you’re buying property in Croatia, check official statistics.
  • How were different construction steps made? Check who were the people involved on the construction, like geodesist, architect, builder and developer, checking those technicalities can ¬†avoid legal problems and construction problems, such as humidity.
  • How the villa in Croatia, you want to buy, will be rented out? What is the marketing strategy for it? Who are the people who will do this job? Your initially helpful agent, once the villa is yours, will not be interested any more on helping you rent it out. Make written agreements with competent people¬†before the purchase.

Don’t be naive when buying a property in Croatia, make sure you tick off the list above.


Professional analysis starts from the geodesist


From the geodesist? But, I’m not buying a land in Croatia. I’m buying a house!

Take control over the situation when buying property in Croatia, find out who was the geodesist involved in the house project and construction.

This figure is extremely important for the house and the plot.¬†If he made errors, and you don’t do a professional analysis with a new geodesist before the purchase, you will end up paying for it.

Another case study, why should you pay extra for something that doesn’t exists?

Imagine you bought a house on a plot of 435m.

After a few years you wish to sell the house. For that you hire the geodesist to measure the plot.

You find out that the plot is of 400m! Meaning the land registry contains errors.

You have never had 435m.¬†That means you had paid for something that never existed! And it’s only, because you did not check the size of the plot before purchasing with your own¬†geodesist.

Now, if a new buyer surely reads this article and takes in consideration the advice, he will check your plot for sure before the purchase and will surely not pay for 435 m without checking!


Buying property in Croatia? OK, but first “coffee” with a geodesist. And you can have it right now


Deni, our geodesist works with Abaka a company based in Rovigno, Istria Croatia and has supported many successful projects with his knowledge and expertise.

His role is fundamental for any investment project in the real estate market – without him no villa could be built!

And that is why we interviewed the geodesist to share his knowledge with you.

  • Why is the geodesist so important for an investor? What can the¬†geodesist do for an investor?
  • What type of problems a property investor finds if he doesn‚Äôt involve an expert geodesist¬†in the project?

You will also learn:

  • In how many projects was Deni TomiŇ°ińá involved?
  • What was the most difficult project that Deni TomiŇ°ińá was involved in and how did he solve it?
  • What are the best places to buy in Croatia?¬†Istria, Dalmatia or maybe Zagreb zone?
  • How does he imagine Istria Croatia in 10 years? What will improve until that time?
  • The most important advice that Deni TomiŇ°ińá can give to an investor buying an investment property in Croatia from geodesists‚Äô point of view.

Click here¬†to listen to the interview with Deni TomiŇ°ińá. You can also¬†find it in our youtube channel.