Construction Diary – May the 19th to 26th

As Candy Brick projects expand, the task of finding collaborators and masons for our next six villas in Krnica increases along.


Materials are ordered according Zdravko Đokić, Constructor, from Dole d.o.o for next week’s jobs.



Some malfunction of the concrete mixer,that provided only 9m3, didn’t stop our workers and Zdravko from preparing the concrete slab on site. 





Due to changed hight of levels and layers on the first floor, our supervising engineer Saša Ćus analysed, discussed, and solved the staircase edits on villa 3 that goes up from the kitchen to the first floor.


Tuesday the weather wasn’t on Candy Brick’s side,therefore the construction was on stand by. But that doesn’t mean that the planning stopped due to weather.


Zdravko Đokić and Dusan Ivkovic planned the next steps and details about the roof construction, insulation and surrounding grounds. 


The surroundings planning led to a meeting with mayor of Marcana community, and head officer for urbanism  in order to define the guidelines for access roads of our villas in Krnica.

After the surroundings planning, Dusan Ivkovic participated in the meeting supervising engineer Saša Ćus, to discuss the heating system. 


On Saturday, we had a really important day with  investors coming from Italy. They spent an incredible day meeting the team, going to Candy Brick plots, seeing the workers In action and view the construction stage of the villas on the plot. 





A meeting conducted by Marta Stone and Mauro D’Urbano going into details of, the full service Candy Brick offers: the guarantees and numerous advantages of purchasing those particular investment properties


An insight of how the property industry works in Croatia, and how we differentiate from it followed by a meeting with Maria Concetta Di Girolamo that clarified all the queries investors had about the legal and financing aspects of our villas. 


This information is very valuable for investors, to understand how Candy Brick provides full service and the guarantees that come with the agreement of purchasing a Candy Brick villa.


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Construction Diary – May the 14th to 18th

When the weather decides not to be on your side, the property construction has to slow down. 


According to our project manager Dusan Ivkovic, not so good conditions compromise your property construction.


But we have to bare in mind that Candy Brick villas are based in Croatia and blessed with good weather specially during the high season summer months.


Stable weather = stable and solid construction. 



Monday the 14th of May

Candy Brick had to slow down its engines due to a rainy day, but it went back at its full performance on the very next one.


Building a property requires:




Calculations, lots of calculations;

Ordering materials;

Quantities and checking if everything goes according to what was planned.


What were the elementary works executed on Candy Brick villas?


The process that had been done is crucial for a solid high quality property construction project to be successful


The groundworks of Candy Brick were done since June and it consists on:


The site will generally need to be cleared and the topsoil taken up from the footprint of the structure. The depth will depend on the lay of the land, and if it is a sloping site then the ground may need to be leveled. If required, retaining walls may be constructed in order to create level development platforms.

Assuring that the materials used are from the highest quality to achieve the best result is on the project’s manager Dusan Ivkovic daily tasks, everyday going to site to assure all the steps are being taken accordingly.


Quantities of Iron and other materials were ordered to proceed with the property construction, followed by a meeting with the supervising engineer to update the next steps of the project.  




Project Manager Dusan Ivkovic is already planning ahead and preparing to order insulating materials, necessary for the roof construction.


Insulating layers:


More steps are going to be taken to proceed with the construction of the €30.000 rental guarantee income Candy Brick investment properties, and Project Manager Dusan Ivkovic is making sure that the steps are taken according to plan.


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