Zadar is becoming the Croatian dream for America!

People coming from all parts of the world get impressed by the stunning and nearly untouched beauty of Croatia. This attributes surely bring people looking for a perfect holiday destination, in which case Croatia fulfills this requirement, but also impresses and attracts entrepreneurs and investments. Recently, around the 15th of October, The Croatian Employer’s Association organised a couple of meeting with the US delegation. 


The delegation included outstanding guests


This delegation brought along Jeffory Blackard, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blackard Global, Inc. A company that is the first firm in the world to advocate for the creation of modern-day villages. Before developing moder-day villages, Blackard Global, Inc developed over two billion dollars worth of real estate of varying kinds.

Jeffory Blackard is responsible for the completion of over 30 Master Planned Communities and 15,000 single family home sites. With almost 40 years experience, during various developments, he had his first experience with the country of Croatia.




Real estate Croatia: big loan for a big improvement

A huge loan designated to real estate Croatia is ahead, and coming from The World Bank Group. For the ones who don’t know The World Bank Group, it is nothing more nothing less than the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Their intention and commitment is to reduce poverty, increase shared prosperity, and promote sustainable development. And the Country now on their table is Croatia.


19.7 million euros on its way to Croatia


An incredible amount of 19.7 million euros to develop, ease and improve the Administration System Project. The advance is clearly on the days of waiting at  Land Registry Offices that decreased by 75% from 46 to 12 days, for mortgages and property transactions, and also on the Cadasters Offices, decreasing by around 33% from 30 to only 8 days.


But it has been coming this way since 2016


Long ago in November 2016, a system called Joint Information System was implemented, it is easy, completely accesible and modern, so people can register online with their personal details, instead of the going through the painful experience of having to go to a public office. 



Croatia weather: Visit also during the winter!

Croatia weather is famous for its sunny and very warm days. It keeps attracting  millions of tourists yearly, willing to spend their holidays either on the side of a swimming pool, along the numerous promenades extended through the Croatian coast line, or on the beautiful beaches.

But one thing that many tourists don’t expect or even consider, is Croatia as a winter holiday destination. And believe me, it is as stunning as the sunny glorious days of summer.


Croatia weather fluctuations


Croatia weather can go as high as 36 °C during the summer, but surprisingly can drop as low as 7 °C in the winter. However this temperature drop doesn’t interfere on the fact that, Croatia is a perfect holiday destination, regardless. So, instead of visiting the popular winter destinations on your holiday, be surprised by what Croatia has to offer during the not so sunny seasons.

The food will make you warm and happy


One thing is for certain, the food is spectacular on any season of the year. During the summer you can delight yourself with delicious and fresh seafood meals. During the winter it is no different, you will also delight yourself but with hearty, warm and meaty dishes.

Traditional Croatian food have some similarity with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish. But the Croatian culture gives it its own twist. These include manestra, a bean soup prepared only in Istria, or fuzi, a hand-rolled pasta typical for Istria. In the cold days of winter you can be served Sarma, which is sauerkraut stuffed with minced meat and rice with spices.




Light, camera, action! Croatia is the emerging star of Europe

Croatia is the emerging star of Europe, with its beautiful scenic landscapes, natural resources and picturesque tows, it serves as a perfect set for filming and big productions.

Apart from Game of Thrones Croatia, the country has been stage for big productions such as, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Hobin Hood: Origins the upcoming James Bond and Mamma Mia 2 which had its premiere in the Pula Amphitheatre on Saturday, the 21st of July 2018.

Other than Game of Thrones Croatia has also starred some very important names like, Daniel Moder, decided to film his piece “Ibiza” not in Spain but on the island of Pag nearby Zadar, Tom Hanks “Money Games” on the breathtaking island of Hvar and the movie “Venuto al mondo” with Penélope Cruz.



Croatia News: Transport development down the line!

Croatia country has become a popular holiday destination in Europe. The climate, gastronomy and landscapes attract more and more visitors each year and for that, developments are necessary to keep this figure increasing.


Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia

Gari Cappelli, the minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia since October 2016, said: “ The achieved results of tourist traffic during the extended weekend mark the beggining of a good tourist year in Croatia. This year, we expect a billion euros of investment in tourism, through which, realisation, in addintion to the increase of traffic, will enable us to continue with the revenue growth that we generate from  tourism, which is extremely important for the further developments of destinations”



Instagram lovers, the best places to visit in Croatia are a goldmine! 

Social media is being bombarded with Croatian landscapes during the summer of 2018. Sunny weather, clear turquoise sea, picturesque lanes and buildings make the perfect combination for that snap you are looking for.

Receiving the amount of 18.5 million tourists only last year, makes it easier for the spread of dreamy summer holidays in Croatia, and Instagram is playing a large role on this exposure.


Croatia Instagram
Croatia Instagram




Don’t struggle, pay by phone parking is available in Croatia

Why to struggle? Pay by phone parking is now available making everyone’s life easierMost tourists come to Croatia by car not plane. When arriving to Croatia, they want to enjoy their holidays by seeing the most beautiful sceneries and trying the most delicious Croatian food, and this applies to everyone.

If you are not a local or during the high season, it can be quite challenging to find an available and free parking spot. To be completely free to enjoy your time in Croatia you might want to go through a small process before relaxing completely.





Investment opportunities in Croatia rise and shine

The more tourists come to visit the country, the more infrastructure is necessary to manage this demand and increase of arrivals

And this opens the door for investment opportunities in Croatia.

Something some people might not directly relate to the increase of tourists coming to the country during high seasons, is that the energy supply also has to increase providing enough electricity for the locals and visitors for that period.

Last year, Stjepan Talan from the Solvis company, producer of solar panels in Croatia, said:

“Now we export virtually everything we produce to countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria… as there is in fact no developing local market,” he said.

In 2017, the International Renewable Energy Agency, imported nearly 40 percent of Croatia’s energy needs, this move will decrease the necessity of importing energy.

For that reason, Orlec Trinket project will place the first non-integrated solar power plant of more than 1MW on the famous Island of Cres and Lošinj.

The company HEP (Hrvatska elektroprivreda dd), dominant state owned company, will invest 45 million kuna in the solar plant.

That will generate about 8.5 million kWh each year, which is enough of energy supply for around 20,000 houses.

The plant will have only 3 meters high so the development won’t affect the environment.

On a Greenpeace conference Zoran Tomić, director of Greenpeace Croatia, said:

“Despite the fact, Croatia has more than 90% of its days being sunny, the country is still at the bottom of the European list for taking advantage of this natural resource.”

Croatia has its energy supply generated, mostly from coal and hydroelectricity.

Having in mind that the country has a huge potential, with the average of 300 sunny days.

The amount of clean energy the country can produce is plentiful, creating many investment opportunities in Croatia.

Although the solar panel is going to supply in great quantities, the energy bill is not going to financially affect locals.

The energy the panel generates is going to be delivered to HEP and redistributed to locals for the standard electricity price.

The country is already taking steps towards clean energy, with e-mobility and solar energy.

Read Candy Brick’s article about E-mobility here

Candy Brick villas generate energy from the air and the sun.

Air heat pumps for cooling and heating appliances and solar collectors for heating water heating of your villa.

The system implemented on your villa is divided by 2 parts:

  • air pump
  • solar collector

The name of the systems are self explanatory, air pump generates energy from the air, and solar from sun.

The solar system doesn’t require electric energy for water heating (except for a small amount for the pumps). Water heating for your villa during the summer and winter.

On the other hand, the air pump needs also small amount electric energy.

During the summer the air pump runs, suppling energy for cooling system, placed in the bathrooms and living room.

During the winter, the air pump heats the water tubes flooring under layer, and radiators and heaters in the bathrooms.

The implementation of the system reduces CO2 emission:

  • Candy Brick system: 1.3 ton per year
  • LPG gas – regular: 3.5 tons per year

Those systems are not common in Croatia because of its pricing.

Short term thinking is to install a cheap system,(used LPG gas or only electricity) that will consume more on a long term prospect increasing electricity bills.

Candy Brick properties are built based on long term investment financial return.

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Great news for investments in Croatia, read more to know Y

The Istrian Y motorway is responsible for the connection of Istria with international motorways.

Istria attracts a great amount of tourists that decide to visit the country. Investments in Croatia and improvements easing the access to the region, are extremely important for the overall picture.

The extension of the concession to Bina-Istra until 2032 was notified by Croatia to European Commission in March this year.

On the 14th of June 2018, EC released:

European Commission Press

“The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules a Croatian plan to prolong the Istrian Y motorway concession agreement between Croatia and the company Bina-Istra.

This will allow €165 million of new investments to go ahead, while limiting distortions of competition.”

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, said:

“The prolongation of the Croatian Y motorway concession will promote regional growth and investment, as well as enhancing citizens’ safety and reducing congestion.

Our decision will ensure that the motorway extension can be built, while limiting any potential distortions of competition.”

The project meets EU State requirements of infrastructure investments to stimulate regional economic growth, and facilitates the traffic, not only for locals but for tourists that are willing to visit the peninsula.

This concession will permit Bina-Istra to finance the works of a 28 km long, second carriageway on the north-eastern side of the motorway.

Investments in Croatia and especially in the Istrian region are always very welcome.

The improvement of the motorway eases the access for tourists to reach, affecting the infrastructure developments in the peninsula.

Since 2000 the increase of traffic in the region has been notable. As guests are mainly arriving by car, this change will directly benefit them.

Better roads and easier access, motivates and attracts more people to come back to visit the region, and spend money in the area.

Bina-Istra has also interest on financing local roads for the towns of Višnjan, Vodnjan, Pula and Pomer, encouraging companies to relocate, base their factories and their businesses from the capital to Istria.

How does it affect your investment in Croatia?

The infrastructure developments on the surroundings, only increases the value of your investment property in Croatia.

This kind of investment improves not only the access. With the access more traffic comes along, meaning more tourists spending their holidays in the region.

The construction of the extension is expected to  begin in the autumn

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