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Croatia Tourism 2018!

It Sounds Good To Real Estate Investing Too

The real estate industry is also promising in this region. According to The Global Property Guide, Istria is becoming more and more appealing to foreigner investors, with 33% of foreign-owned properties, after Istria is the region of Primorje-Gorski Kotar with 26% foreign-owned properties, then Split-Dalmatia with 12%, Zadar with 8%, and Dubrovnik-Neretva with 6%.

House Prices Trends

Also, according to the same website, and thanks to the monthly release of Centar Nekretnina, Croatia’s leading real estate portal, it made possible to analyse the property prices in the country.

Croatia Tourism: Global Property Guide, home price trends graph
Croatia Tourism: Global Property Guide, home price trends graph

On the graph, it is possible to observe a drop in 2012. This drop started to increase again in 2018, at the same time it is also possible to observe that there is a trend on the property prices to keep rising in the next years, from 2018.

This is a fantastic investment opportunity. As a buyer, you invest now and pay less for a real estate, generate an income during a few years, and when they decide to monetize it, the profit will be certain.

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