Interior Design – Final versions: classy or exotic?

There is a list of crucial elements, determining the final result of your villa in terms of quality, beauty, and rental income.

On that list, you can’t miss the interior design, which your guests will just love!

From experience, I know that many guests won’t rent a villa at our target price rates if there is no modern interior design!

Given the crucial importance of interior design for a successful rental business, we chose the designers through very selective recruitment.

Then, we decided to offer you 2 varieties of modern style – one has a bit of exotic touch, while another one is very classy, “high-end“. 

1 – Modern Mediterranean interior with an exotic touch

The modern Mediterranean interior with an exotic touch is our proposal for the Exclusive Gardens villas of the project Laguna Marina. 

Soft materials, light colors, and a lot of relaxing holiday vibe: please watch the video below showing you all the rooms of our Exclusive Gardens villa!

Click the image below to watch the video!

2 – Classy modern interior with high-end finishings 

Our second proposal is prepared for the Imperial villas (Sea View Imperial and Roy Imperial).

Here, you can see an interior design inspired by the colors of the sea, sky and sand, and dark pines. In this way, you can sense the perfume of the coast which is around Laguna Marina!

This proposal offers a lot of quality finishings and functional and durable solutions. 

In addition, by clicking the buttons below you can also “visit” all the 4 bathrooms of Imperial villas 😊

Interior Design of Laguna Marina – what else should you know?

Although the villas of Laguna Marina are offered unfurnished, you can decide to have it fully furnished and equipped, if you like our style 😊

Please note: many interior design items, such as tiles, skirting, doors, inner fireplace, outside kitchen, plugs, switches, light points, external lights are included in the building project and in the main contract (= in the price of the house).

The contract for the furniture & rental items will be signed in a few months (when we will be placing the orders for the furniture).
We know what the guests like, and our interior design project & list is complete.

However, if you want any changes or additional items, just inform us and we will include them when furnishing your villa!

Modern interior design is crucial for you to have a stunning villa and for your rental business to perform at its best!

The final question is… Classy or exotic? Which modern style suits you best? 

Marta Stone
Seaways Villas d.o.o. 
✆ +385 97 708 7990 
✉ marta.stone@candybrick.com

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