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Living In Istria : Lifestyle, Culture And More

Why is the Istrian culture and the way the locals live in the area, relevant for your investment property?

The culture, lifestyle, activities and safety are factors that attract high value tourists to come to Istria, to spend their holidays in the region. The local habits influence the experiences those people will have.

Istria: Istrian Lifestyle event

At some point, you might want to enjoy your property and spend some time with your family. For that it is crucial to know if the place you are choosing as an investment, is also a suitable location for you and your family stay.

Due to overcrowdedness and unavailability of other places, people are choosing Istria as a preferred holiday destination, an ever more appealing option, especially during the summer season.

The landscape is neat and cultivated. Meanwhile, the cultural and historical influence of Italy and Central Europe is ever apparent and it has many attractions in its own right.

When you arrive in Istria, you meet not only a rich landscape but also a rich heritage and people that carry that gift within themselves

People And Customs

Croats are extremely proud of their heritage and culture. The sense of nationalism comes both from their long and rich culture as well as a legacy of foreign invasion and control.

Folklore plays a key role in preserving the culture. Life experiences are translated into verse, poetic songs, melodies, fairy tales, symbolic rituals, music, dance, costumes, and jewellery.

They are very family oriented people, it is still the basis of the social structure. The family provides its members with a social network, and assistance in times of need.

The people of Istria have always been farm labourers, but what they really engaged in was defined by the configuration of the surrounding land.

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