Michelin star restaurants in Croatia

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Michelin Star Restaurants In Croatia Are A Must Go

The Dubrovnik 360 Will Surely Enchant You

Set on the top of the great walls of Dubrovnik, the Michelin star restaurant 360 honours its name. A fantastic series of Mediterranean-spanning dishes, where the emphasis is very much on well-sourced, well-presented food.

The menu constantly varies. However, the restaurant specialises in seafood, modern Mediterranean dishes and innovations of Croatian food.

360 restaurant, Dubrovnik

Pelegrini In Sibenik

With tables on the stone steps overlooking the cathedral and a terrace on the roof of the Bunari, the medieval water cistern building, is truly a magical experience.

Regarding the food, you can expect the same level of enchantment. Truffle and prosciutto pappardelle with sheeps’ cheese, smoked oxtail in tempura with salsa, and braised meat with tomato salsa and carrot purée is just a brief example of what this Michelin star restaurant has to offer.

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