Triple Check

Property for sale in Croatia? Triple check everything

How to check a property for sale in Croatia?


Well, there are a lot of under flooring materials, and hidden layers built in the house that sometimes only an expert you would understand and know about the variety of insulation components your house for sale in Croatia has to have.

Understanding the construction and materials a bit more in depth is not that simple. However, a very simple way to check if the house is thermal efficient and has all the necessary insulating components installed, is by looking at the windows!


Red Alert!


If you notice a single glazed window in the house you are willing to invest on, think twice. A single glazed window can be a sign that there are other missing insulation components.

Single glazed windows create a lot of condensation on the inside of the house and this condensation creates humidity which deteriorates not only the walls of the villa, but also deteriorates and wood of furniture you have inside.

It is also the perfect habitat for mold to grow, and mold is harmful for humans health, even if you don’t touch the mold you breathe the air that this bacteria is growing. Not even mentioning that this type of windows are not insulating, so to keep the indoor temperature you would have to heat tor cool it constantly, increasing your bills to the roof! 




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