Real estate Croatia: big loan for a big improvement

According to World Bank Croatia country manager:


“Croatia’s land administration system has undergone a profound transformation over the last decade. Yet significant investments are still necessary to move to a more efficient, paperless and less costly system, and to further expand the government’s e-services agenda under which all digital services are to be expanded, unified and more accessible to the citizensA modern and efficient land administration system contributes to entrepreneurship development, strengthening Croatia’s competitiveness and improving the efficiency of the public sector and we look forward to continue supporting this transformation process.”


According to Emerging Europe:


“It will support the continued automation of land administration services, reduce registration time, improve the quality of real property data and advance the integration of cadaster and land registration services.”

 The implementation of this systems means that to purchase either a land in Croatia or a real estate investment, is now easier and less stressful. Also, with the increasing prices of real estate in Croatia, the high healthy growing region of Istria and the implementation makes the opportunity for investing in the Country is unique.

And not only this system sets the perfect environment for real estate investing and processes development, but also brings along the possibility for large investments in the future, innovation and improvements in other sectors.


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