The Candy Brick Approach


The best way to protect yourself from such negative situations is choosing the right partners. When you’re the owner of a Candy Brick villa, all these risks and uncertainties, are distant memories. Instead, a Candy Brick villa is a pleasant experience for your eyes, mind and wallet.

We’ve made this possible with the Five Candy Brick Guarantees. These ensure you passive earnings, steady capital appreciation and full legal protection.


Legal Guarantee


The Candy Brick Legal Guarantee protects your interests and ensures there are no legal issues surrounding the property.

We suggest a series of conditions to put in the contract that cover all scenarios, leaving no doubts and unexpected risks. This is possible because Candy Brick villas have no legal problems. Not having a legal guarantee means you’re not protected if the property has serious problems of a legal nature.


Quality Guarantee


As an investor you may want to resell your villa within a few years. Candy Brick villas are designed to last and are projected to grow in value over the years. How do we at Candy Brick define quality?


  • Robust construction from the foundations to the roof;
  • Solid and resistant interiors to withstand all the tourists it will host;
  • Functional and interesting particularities;
  • Strong multidisciplinary team with many years experience in constructing residential properties in Istria;
  • We only work with high quality partners, including a very professional Italian building company with over 30 years experience in construction (


This means you don’t have to worry about the quality of design, materials, construction or furnishings. The Candy Brick Quality Guarantee covers all these aspects.


Rental Guarantee


The Candy Brick Rental Guarantee ensures you a consistent rental income. This is possible because with the Rental Guarantee, you’re not renting your villa to tourists, but to Candy Brick property management company. We then sub rent your villa to tourists, looking after the marketing and bookings.


We give you two possible rental incomes:

  • Full Rental Guarantee: €30,000 p.a. Here you rent out your villa for a full year, getting 2 weeks complimentary stay (excluding July and August).
  • Summer Rental Guarantee: €25,000 p.a. Here you rent out your villa for the summer season, from June to September, and for the rest of the year you are free to use it.

With the Candy Brick Rental Guarantee the risk of vacant weeks is on us.


Full Management Guarantee


To enjoy your rental income with minimal effort and cost, we offer the Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee. Here you have trusted and professional staff not just looking after the bookings, but also taking care of the guests and the villas. So, you don’t need to think about:


  • Welcoming guests;
  • Cleaning and laundry;
  • Gardening and pool maintenance;
  • 24/7 guest management.
  • Fixing and covering any damages caused by the guests.

If you want Candy Brick property management to relieve you from all these tasks, we can do it for a commission of only 20%.

Guests will also be very happy with your choice in Candy Brick property management, as we offer them the following additional services:


  • Extra cleaning or maintenance during the stay;
  • Personalised welcome package at check-in including samples of various local products;
  • Guests with children will find a corner with games;
  • Guests with pets will receive a treat for their furry friends;
  • Fresh and crunchy Istrian bread delivered in the morning, but also delicious doughnuts with rose marmalade and fresh seasonal fruit;
  • Meal delivery service with partnered restaurants;
  • Concierge services for booking restaurants, spas, trips and transportation;
  • Entertainment services;
  • Relaxing massage;
  • Bocce training with an ex-Croatian champion (bocce is one of the favourite sports in Croatia);
  • Baby-sitting service;
  • Taxi service;
  • In case of any problem with the villa, guests have at their disposal a number which they can call at any time.


Exit Guarantee


With the Candy Brick Exit Guarantee we look after the eventual resale of your property. This will speed up the process of your sale and increase the perceived value of your home. This is because you will be able to take advantage of our expertise in selling and our wide network of interested investors. And, buyers will know they are buying an original Candy Brick villa.

With property prices rising in Istria and growing interest in wanting to buy a property here, we are confident any resale will happen within 18 months and for a higher price than when purchased. If either conditions aren’t met, we will offer the resale for free.