is it safe drinking tap water in Croatia?

Drinking Tap Water In Croatia Should Be A Problem?

If you are coming for your holidays in Croatia, there might be a few tips you can find interesting and also very useful during your trip. One of the most important factors and maybe the first question you ask yourself when you are on holidays in Croatia or anywhere else in the world is that.

is it safe drinking tap water in Croatia?

Is Croatian Tap Water Drinkable?

Luckily, drinking tap water in Croatia is safe. Nearly 90% of the population in Croatia have connection to the public water supply. Sometimes, due to entirely personal reasons, some people prefer the tap water taste in some regions other than others.

Michelin star restaurants in Croatia

Michelin Star Restaurants In Croatia Are A Must Go

That Croatian food is particularly delicious, fresh and rich a lot of people know. However this year, the Croatian gastronomy was even more appreciated and recognised by 5 Michelin Star restaurants that were awarded.

Discover the enchantments of flavour and scent of this wonderful country in which, as Cassiodorus wrote in 537, “patricians lead the lives of Gods. A table filled with seafood brought to the surface from the turquoise depths of Poseidon, here is as cultivated as the humble asparagus and legendary truffle, the underground treasure taken right from the plates of Hades. Crust of home-made bread is dipped into the golden liquid of the best olive oil in the world, while the palates are ennobled by the finest of wines

Official Tourist Board website of Istria

The quote that better translates the Croatian cuisine experience comes from the Official Tourist Board website of Istria, a reliable source of information.

Either way, if you are looking to taste some typical and traditional dishes, you will surely be pleased with what Croatia has to offer you. Or, if you would like to have a more gourmet and gastronomic experience, you can also find a range of Michelin star restaurants to visit.

Zagreb Spot, Noel

In Zagreb, you can visit the Michelin star restaurant Noel. Located in Dukljaninova 1, the restaurant offers a contemporary cuisine that focus on the seasonality of the local ingredients. This Michelin star restaurant offers great attention on the decor and tableware. It will guarantee you a superb gastronomic experience.

Croatia World Cup 2018

Croatia World Cup Was Unforgettable For All Nations

Croatia World Cup 2018 was truly exciting. Since 1998, which was the first World Cup after the country’s independence. Croatia showed the passion, energy and determination throughout all the matches at Russia World Cup 2018.

Croatia World Cup 2018

The country had its full attention on the happening, passionately following the World Cup matches. In Istria, the Amphitheatre in Pula turned into the stage of the final matches. Regardless the result, the atmosphere was fantastic, genuine and inspiring.

Croatia offers so many other attractions, other than the landscapes and breathtaking nature. Croatia itself is already famous for being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

But with Croatia’s exceptional performance at the World Cup, came the recognition which turned the media spotlights towards the country. Giving Croatia the opportunity to show itself to the world under a different light.

The world needs to see Croatia’s rich and peculiar culture, heartwarming and welcoming people and the country’s amusing traditions. For that, Croatia Full of Life chose to show the footballers and their homelands, as the stars of Croatia’s promotional campaign. And the result is just stunning. Watch on the next page.

Visovac Island, Krka

Krka National Park Is Celebrating Its Birthday And We Are All Invited

Croatia is a gem in Europe, it is blessed with magnificent untouched nature, breathtaking landscapes and fantastic National Parks, such as Brijuni, Risnjak, Plitvice Lakes, North Velebit, Kornati, Mljet, Paklenica, Risnjak and the star of the day Krka.

Video by NP “Krka”

Price List

The price to visit this paradise called Krka National Park varies, depending on the season you decide to visit.

Let’s say you visit Krka between July and September, in this case you will be paying around 200 kunas to have full access to all areas in the park.

Once you are in, you can move around the 142 km2, from the early Croatian fortresses of Trošenj and Nevčen to the Šibenik bridge, including 3.5 km of the course of the Čikola River, with boat excursions.

 Or as an alternative to reach some other areas of the park, by using bus transport.

Everything Is Worth Seeing, But You Should Definitely Visit Skradinski Buk Falls

The National Park main attraction is the Skradinski buk falls, where visitors have the chance to swim in the superb turquoise clear water.

Apart from this, there are other six falls in the park, the Bilušića buk, Brljan, Manojlovac slap, Rošnjak, Miljacka slap, Roški slap and, the Krka River which is a natural and karst phenomenon.

Krka River Fall
Krka River Fall

Mediterranean life: A healthy and active lifestyle is the goal!

A mediterranean lifestyle is what most people should aim for. But why is that? The Mediterranean diet and active life is a healthy and pleasant way of living.

The proof that mediterranean lifestyle and diet is so healthy, is in the fact that mediterranean countries have amongst the highest life expectancies in the world.


Fish plays a big role on mediterranean diet and the benefits of eating seafood regularly are countless. The fact that Croatia, especially Istria, is a peninsula with a very long coastline, makes it possible to have a variety of fresh seafood.

Firstly, a seafood based diet is very low in fat, cholesterol and high in protein. A diet rich in Omega 3, is extremely beneficial for the brain and body function, particularly during developing ages, or on a late stage, maintaining a healthy brain function and preventing the brain from deteriorating.

A mediterranean seafood diet is also high in nutrients and vitamin D, a nutrient that most people are deficient in. It functions like a steroid hormone in the body. It can even avoid mood swing and prevent depression.

Good for the heart, brain and body, fish is an incredible nutritious and healthy ingredient towards a happy enjoyable life. 

Mediterranean grilled fish