Istria: Tourism arrivals in August!

Over 1 million tourists arrived in Istria in August 2018, generating 8.5 million overnight stays all over the peninsula

The region of Marčana in Istria, where Candy Brick villas are located, had an increase of 9% arrivals in comparison to August 2017. This generated an impressive 5,000 more overnight stays. These numbers keep increasing over the years.

The good news about these numbers are that they show the region of Istria is attracting an incredibly large amount of tourists. This is impressive considering that there are only 208 thousand inhabitants in an area of just 2,813 km².

Istria is divided into 10 officially designated cities and 31 rural municipalities. During the summer peaks, it can get overcrowded and lack of options for accommodation creating more opportunity for rentals.



Villa holidays: how to manage the rental

Imagine you invest and become an owner of a luxury villa holidays in Croatia, which doesn’t have the Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee.

The villa is in an attractive location in the south of Istria. In fact, the region is attracting many tourists every year and offers plenty of reasons for people to come over and visit, such as short distance from Pula and Rovinj, the sea, astonishing nature, healthy outdoor lifestyle and active lifestyle and last but definitely not least, the gastronomy.


But between so many accommodation options, how do you make your villa attractive for tourists and make them chose your villa amongst the others?


The answer to this question is not only having high-quality holiday villa, but also providing excellent and efficient service for the guests and no stress for the owner of this property.


So, what options are left when it comes to managing your holiday home?

1.) Option 1: do-it-yourself: 

Advertising your house online, this step can be simple, with research on where to advertise the property it is possible to know how and where to place your advertisement.

However, making the villa available online is a whole different step. It means you would have to organise and manage the booking requests, making sure there is no double booking or overlapping days and as a busy person, you would want to avoid that.

Nowadays people, in general, are extremely busy, the last thing anyone needs is one more chore to fit in their schedule, especially if this task is another full-time job.

The goal of a smart investor is to automatise the profit, keeping his time to do what is a priority and make the capital work for itself.


2.) Option II: giving this responsibility to an agency 

This solution sounds great at first, but considering it more carefully, tourist agencies may not be able to represent and show the assets of your holiday villa in the correct way. Because of their extended list of properties to manage, they might not give your property the attention it requires and deserves.

For example, if your property is worth 1.5 mln euros, it is very likely it has plenty of refined rooms, a beautiful garden, a gym, a lot of gadgets, infinity pool and to top it up, a really polished design that tourists would be willing to pay more for.

Those are the selling points to rent your property out. But unfortunately, if the agency is managing hundreds of other properties, they might not be aware of and take all the features mentioned above for granted.

As a result, they can end up following the standard procedure of taking a couple of photographs of the most common rooms. Misrepresentation can lead to a shortage of bookings, as the villa won’t be appealing for the tourists amongst the other rental properties and the rental income can decrease if the features are not displayed and justified on the rental price.


The commission

Commissions can be quite high in those agencies, amounts around 30%-40% of your income for the service. This service usually does not include cleaning, welcoming guests, an available hotline for unexpected issues, gardening and etc. You would more than likely have to pay another company to look after those tasks.


The options above are not ideal for a busy investor that wishes to maximise their financial return and doesn’t have time to dedicate on property management, it also might be the case it is not in their interest to dedicate time for this task anyway


Candy Brick Full Management Service

The Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee is amongst the other guarantees offered to investors, protecting their interest and maximising their financial return.

With the Candy Brick, Full Management Guarantee you have trusted and professional staff taking care of your holiday villa and of your guests. The services the Full Management Guarantee includes are:

  • Marketing your villa holidays
  • Managing bookings
  • Welcoming the guests
  • Cleaning the villa and doing the laundry
  • Gardening and pool cleaning
  • Hosting the guests
  • Also, a hotline always available for the guests to call any time to solve any problem


And what is even better is that the charge is only 20% of your income, which is much less compared to other agencies, and all the services in relation to rental management are included in the price.

As a result of this service, you get the best return on your investment without the need to worry about anything or having to deal with different companies.

A professional and reliable management service is key for your investment, so the staff maintaining the villa is local and well qualified. With this guarantee, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your €30,000 rental income every year.

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Istria 2018: Wave of huge investments beneficial for your real estate

What’s the recipe to the right real estate investment opportunity? 


In this article you’ll read about very important aspects of real estate investing and how you can benefit from it in the future.

To start with that, it would be great having a team of analysts making the research and providing you the direction on where to place your capital and invest. 

But having a team can be costly, and for some investors the usage of potential investing capital to hire members and support is misuse.

While you collect information and research on your own, some people rater spend for this detailed research but what sometimes is not considered is that this process can take up years. 

One wise way to direct your own investment research is observing in what industry and location well known investors are putting their money on, this way you can surf the wave of investment opportunities. 



Self sufficient investment villa!

Your Candy Brick investment villa is not only a luscious and high quality property but it is also self-sufficient

Considering that Croatia has around 300 sunny days per year, the potential for solar energy generation here is massive. That’s why your Candy Brick villa comes pre-installed with photovoltaics and solar thermal water heating. So your villa will generate enough energy to cover it’s electricity need.

You can classify the types of solar energy in two systems:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) 
  • Solar thermal

PV technologies produce electricity directly from sunlight by converting solar energy into electricity. Many PV cells are linked together to make up a PV solar panel. Instead, solar thermal technologies use the solar energy to produce heat. Electricity is then generated from the heat collected.

Both systems generate direct current (DC) energy and then convert it to usable alternating current (AC) energy with the help of a power inverter. AC energy then flows through the home’s electricity panel, distributing energy accordingly.

What will these system supply electricity to?

Well, apart from providing the electricity to charge your phone, laptop, or maybe even your Rimac Concept One electric car. The solar energy systems on your investment villa will also provide the heating for your water. As a result the underlay of pipes of water placed below the flooring will provide you with spectacular underfloor heating.

These systems will also supply energy to other applications implemented in your investment villa:

  • Heating and cooling for the swimming pool;
  • Air conditioning for the whole property;
  • Hot water for showers and general use;

Photovoltaic panels

Zero electricity bills maximise even more the financial return of your investment villa

The cost of electricity bills coming from old and polluting sources can be quite a burden on the pocket, as well as for the environment. Opting for an innovative and clean way to generate energy is the only way to reduce or even extinguish this cost completely.

So, thanks to these innovative systems producing enough energy for your investment villa to be completely self-sufficient, you will get the best return on your investment.

Can this get any better? Yes, it can!

Any excess electricity your solar systems produce that is not used, can be sold back to the grid to make you an extra income. Consider, in particular, the times when you will not be enjoying your investment villa or it is not rented out to guest. It will be generating you an extra income. This could be between €3-4 a day! In the future, your income could increase up to 10x should the government reintroduce feed-in-tariffs

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Your villa in Croatia: June report 2018

Why is the choice of the terrain important for your villa in Croatia?

The location and ground dictates how the architecture and the project of your villa in Croatia will take shape. Your project can suffer if the choice of the terrain is poor, affecting the project’s plan and vision.


Location and terrain

The region of Marcana in Istria is constantly increasing in tourism, which is extremely beneficial for your rental income.

Some of terrains on which Candy Brick villas are being built, have a very interesting and favourable anatomy for the construction of a modern and unique villa in Croatia.

Candy Brick construction keeps showing great progress, and in only a month. As a result, each house is visibly progressed and the structure of three villas is near to be finished.



For your villa in Croatia choose Candy Brick who uses right materials. 

When you invest in a property, maybe the first thought is financial return generated by an income.

But what might not come to your mind straight away, and is also extremely important, is the quality of materials that will ensure durability.

As a result of this durability, when deciding to monetise your villa in Croatia, your property will still be in exceptional conditions. 

The materials also impact the performance of your property.

For example, if the works are done with poor quality materials, the heating systems will be affected making them not as efficient as they should be, resulting in more consumption.

Candy Brick not only builds high quality structure, but also implements high performance, low consumption and sustainable heating systems.


For that reason trucks arrive constantly in Matelici, filled with wood, insulation, tiles and concrete of the best quality for your villa in Croatia. 



Croatia has a variety of wood eating insects that could damage your foundations, and that is why Candy Brick takes all the precautions, focusing on high quality and long term durability.

Every wood used on your villa in Croatia, is treated with special products against insects. Those products must be applied using high pressured air, making sure it covers and penetrates every wood vein and wholes.




The ground concrete slab of all properties in Matelici are completed. You can find more information about the concrete and how the weather can affect it on the link below.

Weather conditions can influence your property


The very first property you see when entering the terrain in Matelici, is property number 1

First of all, the anatomy of the first house is divided by 2 floors, ground and first. 

Due to the terrain, the ground floor is divided by two levels. Lower, having the living room and kitchen and the upper having 2 bedrooms with bathrooms and storage room.

The walls for the lower ground floor and upper are completed. Windows and wholes are placed and, the next step is reinforcing the frames and passages with concrete slabs.


The floor can receives two different types of insulation:

  • Hydro (bitumenized paper) prevents the passage of steam from the ground.
  • Thermal, stops the water to pass and reach the concrete slab and allows any steam to evaporate, this kind of insulation also prevents noise propagation.
  • Around the floor by the walls, 1cm of stiropor prevents contact between tiles and walls, this is called floating floors.

As a result the more layers of insulation materials the floor receives, the less it propagates the noise.


Heat energy is lost from buildings through their roofs, windows, walls, floors and through gaps, if the insulation is not made properly.

Having heating systems, is not enough if the insulation is done wrong.

Candy Brick foundations for the chimney on the second and first house are in place. Next step is building the first floor concrete slab and progress with the construction of the master bedroom.


Property number 2

The anatomy of the second house is similar to the previous one (lower and upper) with the similar characteristics of the first one.

Construction is progressing to the first floor leading to the top concrete slab where the master bedroom is. The master bedroom of your Candy Brick villa has a really spacious L shape terrace.


Last but definitely not least, there is house number 3

The anatomy of this property is a little particular, consequently, this property has 5 different roof levels. The three concrete slabs are completed and the roofing process already started on the lower roof.




Candy Brick is already making the next steps and contacting water and electricity companies, in order to move forward from the structure, to the next stage of the villas construction. 




Candy Brick is already making the next steps and contacting water and electricity companies, in order to move forward from the structure, to the next stage of the villas construction. 


Great news for investments in Croatia, read more to know Y

The Istrian Y motorway is responsible for the connection of Istria with international motorways.

Istria attracts a great amount of tourists that decide to visit the country. Investments in Croatia and improvements easing the access to the region, are extremely important for the overall picture.

The extension of the concession to Bina-Istra until 2032 was notified by Croatia to European Commission in March this year.

On the 14th of June 2018, EC released:

European Commission Press

“The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules a Croatian plan to prolong the Istrian Y motorway concession agreement between Croatia and the company Bina-Istra.

This will allow €165 million of new investments to go ahead, while limiting distortions of competition.”

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, said:

“The prolongation of the Croatian Y motorway concession will promote regional growth and investment, as well as enhancing citizens’ safety and reducing congestion.

Our decision will ensure that the motorway extension can be built, while limiting any potential distortions of competition.”

The project meets EU State requirements of infrastructure investments to stimulate regional economic growth, and facilitates the traffic, not only for locals but for tourists that are willing to visit the peninsula.

This concession will permit Bina-Istra to finance the works of a 28 km long, second carriageway on the north-eastern side of the motorway.

Investments in Croatia and especially in the Istrian region are always very welcome.

The improvement of the motorway eases the access for tourists to reach, affecting the infrastructure developments in the peninsula.

Since 2000 the increase of traffic in the region has been notable. As guests are mainly arriving by car, this change will directly benefit them.

Better roads and easier access, motivates and attracts more people to come back to visit the region, and spend money in the area.

Bina-Istra has also interest on financing local roads for the towns of Višnjan, Vodnjan, Pula and Pomer, encouraging companies to relocate, base their factories and their businesses from the capital to Istria.

How does it affect your investment in Croatia?

The infrastructure developments on the surroundings, only increases the value of your investment property in Croatia.

This kind of investment improves not only the access. With the access more traffic comes along, meaning more tourists spending their holidays in the region.

The construction of the extension is expected to  begin in the autumn

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Beaches in Istria: The rich coast of Croatia

1,800 kilometres of coastline in the entire country, with its islands and turquoise Adriatic, makes it a perfect holiday scene

Istria is the largest Adriatic peninsula, surrounded by the sea, it has always represented the bridge that connects the Middle European continental area with the Mediterranean.



Price rise for a property in Croatia

In 2017, prices for a property in Croatia rose 2.3%


According to the Global Property Guide:

Properties in Croatia best performers are coastal regions, like Šibenik-Knin County (4.2%), Istria County (3.13%), and Lika-Senj County (1.94%).



Activities for you and your family in Istria

Without any doubt, Istria is a wonderful destination for adults, but there is also plenty of family activities in Istria

The peninsula offers plenty of healthy and family friendly activities. Kids can be in contact with nature, the region’s satisfyingly diverse, and compact enough to be easily explored. Nature reserves, national parks and pretty islands balance conservation with outdoor adventure.


The Coast

Istria’s Adriatic coastline has over 40 Blue Flag beaches and five Blue Flag marinas.

Blue Flag – world-renowned eco-label -, is a programme operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education.

The seawater quality assessment of Blue Flag’s programme on Istria’s coast, is carried out every 15 days, ensuring that you and your family can be pleasured by crystal water.



Istraturist Umag d.d

  • Katoro, Umag-Umago
  • Kanova, Umag-Umago
  • Laguna Stella maris, Umag-Umago
  • Melia Coral, Umag-Umago
  • Sol Sipar, Umag-Umago

Laguna Novigrad d.d

  • AC Aminess Mareda, Novigrad-Cittanova
  • AC Sirena, Novigrad-Cittanova
  • Aminess Maestral, Novigrad-Cittanova

Grad Poreč

  • Špadići – Materada, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Donji Špadići, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Gradsko kupalište Poreč, Poreč-Parenzo

Plava Laguna d.d. Poreč

  • AC Ulika Naturist Centre, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Hotel Laguna Materada, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Bellevue, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Hotel Laguna Galijot, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Laguna Parentium, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Hotel Molindrio, Lotosi, Delfin, Poreč-Parenzo
  • AC Zelena laguna, Poreč-Parenzo
  • AC Bijela uvala, Poreč-Parenzo

Valamar Riviera d.d.

  • Valeta, AC Lanterna, Tar-Vabriga
  • Crnika, AC Lanterna, Tar-Vabriga
  • Galeb, AC Solaris, Tar-Vabriga
  • Maro Sandy, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Brulo, Poreč-Parenzo
  • AC Istra, Funtana-Fontane
  • Vala, Vrsar-Orsera

Maistra d.d. Rovinj

  • AC Valkanela, Vrsar-Orsera
  • Belvedere, Vrsar-Orsera
  • AC Porto Sole, Vrsar-Orsera
  • Koversada Naturist Centre, Vrsar-Orsera
  • Sv. Andrija, Crveni otok, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • TN Villas Rubin, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • AC Polari, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • TN Amarin, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • AC Veštar, Rovinj-Rovigno

Grad Vodnjan

  • Barbariga
  • Peroj

Industrial Projects d.o.o.

  • Bi-val, Fažana-Fasana

Arenaturist d.d.

  • Ambrela, Pula-Pola
  • Hotel Brioni, Pula-Pola
  • Histria Yacht, Pula-Pola

Grad Labin

  • Maslinica, Rabac
  • St. Andrea, Rabac

Valamar Riviera d.d.

  • Lanterna, Rabac
  • Girandella, Rabac


Plava Laguna d.d. Poreč

  • Parentium, Poreč-Parenzo

Tehnomont d.d.

  • Tehnomont – Marina Veruda, Pula-Pola

ACI Croatia International Club d.d.

  • Umag-Umago
  • Pula-Pola
  • Pomer




What are the costs of living in Croatia

The costs of living involves different services and items.

Accommodation, food, clothing, transport, activities, education and some eventual meal or drink out.

All of those items are then compared to the wages that a single person averagely earns, making it possible to measure if the income generated by a this person is enough to cover those expenses.

A very interesting tool to check or even compare – not just the costs of living, but also other categories such as, crime, quality of life, health care and other aspects that living abroad or moving might involve – is www.numbeo.com

According to Numbeo, the cost of living index of Zagreb, is ranked position number 128 out of 206 European cities entries.

The lower the city is ranked, the cheaper the cost of living is, listing Zagreb before only 78 cities, mainly Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian cities.

The data related to the costs of living in Croatia is an input of 12843 entries in the past 18 months, from 886 different contributors. Having the last update in June 2018.

The costs of living for a single person in Zagreb is around € 593 without rent.

The expenses include:

  • Eating out;
  • Coffee shops;
  • Groceries;
  • Milk,
  • Bread,
  • Rice,
  • Eggs,
  • Local Cheese,
  • Meat,
  • Fruit,
  • Vegetables,
  • Salad,
  • Water,
  • Wine
  • Gasoline;
  • Monthly Utilities;
  • Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment,
  • Prepaid Mobile,
  • Internet,
  • Entertainment and Activities;
  • Fitness Club,
  • Clothing.

The cost for renting a 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre is € 400, if not rented on high seasons when prices can vary.

Average Salary in Zagreb.

For instance, the average salary for a waiter or a supermarket worker is around € 400, taxi driver € 600 and a school teacher around € 700.

The average net salary in Zagreb is around € 850, like anywhere in the world it varies and depends on the sector that the individual works in.

Certain occupations tend to have higher wages, such as IT sector and like.

Successful entrepreneurs come here and make their own opportunities by investing in property or starting businesses.

Many times, they also have a competitive advantage by bringing in new innovative ideas and ventures that have yet to hit the market here.

The country can not only be an affordable cheap place to live, depending on your occupation.

It also has a few other really important characteristics that can not be quantified by currency, such as safety.

Croatia may be one of the last truly safe places on earth. Kids play outside without the parents watching over their shoulder.

There’s a strong sense of community in each town and village. For this reason, it’s a great place to raise a family.

This topic brings the fact that there are two separate costs of living. One, is the single individual, and the other is the costs of living for a family, for example, a family constituted by 4 members.

The costs of living for a family are around € 2.013 without rent.

Their expense for accommodation is around € 691, for a 3 bedroom apartment in city centre.

Other costs for a family could involve:

  • Childcare:
  • Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child  = € 178
  • International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child = € 1.387
  • Household Supplies, approximation using (groceries index) x 4 family members = € 57

All of the estimative are based on average costs of living and prices, and of course it can vary depending on, occupation and power of buying of each individual or family.

Croatia is an affordable and safe place that accommodates single individuals but also families greatly.

All of the numbers ranks Zagreb in Croatia 323th out of 539 with the lowest costs of living cities in the world.

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