Croatia bike: cycling in Croatia, exciting bike trail

Cycling In Croatia: Time For Some Active Holidays

Many tourists come to Croatia to try the spectacular mediterranean gastronomy, fresh sea food and sunbathe on some of the stunning beaches along the Croatian coast. But others, come to the country willing to spend their free time cycling in Croatia.

Croatia bike: cycling in Croatia, exciting bike trail

Cycling in Croatia And Crossing The Borders

If you classify on the second group of people that is willing to come cycling in Croatia, The TransDinarica is definitely a bike trail you should try. It currently connects Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. And for those who might think cycling only in Croatia is not enough cycling. The TransDinarica bike trail has plans to add five more countries to its route: Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Different Itineraries

TransDinarica offers the Trans Croatia itinerary, which goes from Zagreb to Zadar in 8 days. The course is approximately 362km long. Throughout the bike trail, you will be staying in a variety of hotels, farms and b&bs. While you are cycling in Croatia, the tour offers a luggage transfer from hotel to hotel,so you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about your luggage.

Don’t worry when you feel hungry after all the cycling. Throughout this fantastic experience, you can enjoy the spectacular cuisine the country has to offer whilst cycling in Croatia. Between the stops, surely you will be able to taste the most beautiful wines and food the country has to offer, whilst overlooking some of the most magnificent landscapes.

Family activity holidays

Are You Ready For Some Family Activity Holidays?

Coming to Croatia means having a fantastic time. If you decide to have some private time, you can enjoy some wine tasting, truffle hunting and the stunning coast of Croatia. But Croatia can be also superb if you are looking for some family activity holidays.

Family activity holidays

Activity Holidays: Waterpark with the family, make sure you get your water proof camera to record some nice shots

Istralandia is a must go and it is fun guaranteed for the adults and children. There is the perfect attraction for the adults who are looking for some adrenaline. The Space Rocket. That is to say, you are basically capsuled in a glass tube, the floor disappears and plummets you to the ground.

For the children, there’s plenty of activities available, wave pool, foam party, beach football, face painting and even a magician.

family activities in Istria

Activities For You And Your Family In Istria

Without any doubt, Istria is a wonderful destination for adults, but there is also plenty of family activities in Istria. The peninsula offers plenty of healthy and family friendly activities.

Kids can be in contact with nature, the region’s satisfyingly diverse, and compact enough to be easily explored. Nature reserves, national parks and pretty islands balance conservation with outdoor adventure.

family activities in Istria

The Fantastic Coast Of Istria

Istria’s Adriatic coastline has over 40 Blue Flag beaches and five Blue Flag marinas. Blue Flag – world-renowned eco-label -, is a programme operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education.

The seawater quality assessment of Blue Flag’s programme on Istria’s coast, is carried out every 15 days, ensuring that you and your family can be pleasured by crystal water.

Blue Flag beaches in Croatia


Istraturist Umag d.d

  • Katoro, Umag-Umago
  • Kanova, Umag-Umago
  • Laguna Stella maris, Umag-Umago
  • Melia Coral, Umag-Umago
  • Sol Sipar, Umag-Umago

Laguna Novigrad d.d

  • AC Aminess Mareda, Novigrad-Cittanova
  • AC Sirena, Novigrad-Cittanova
  • Aminess Maestral, Novigrad-Cittanova

Grad Poreč

  • Špadići – Materada, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Donji Špadići, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Gradsko kupalište Poreč, Poreč-Parenzo

Plava Laguna d.d. Poreč

  • AC Ulika Naturist Centre, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Hotel Laguna Materada, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Bellevue, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Hotel Laguna Galijot, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Laguna Parentium, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Hotel Molindrio, Lotosi, Delfin, Poreč-Parenzo
  • AC Zelena laguna, Poreč-Parenzo
  • AC Bijela uvala, Poreč-Parenzo

Valamar Riviera d.d.

  • Valeta, AC Lanterna, Tar-Vabriga
  • Crnika, AC Lanterna, Tar-Vabriga
  • Galeb, AC Solaris, Tar-Vabriga
  • Maro Sandy, Poreč-Parenzo
  • Brulo, Poreč-Parenzo
  • AC Istra, Funtana-Fontane
  • Vala, Vrsar-Orsera

Maistra d.d. Rovinj

  • AC Valkanela, Vrsar-Orsera
  • Belvedere, Vrsar-Orsera
  • AC Porto Sole, Vrsar-Orsera
  • Koversada Naturist Centre, Vrsar-Orsera
  • Sv. Andrija, Crveni otok, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • TN Villas Rubin, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • AC Polari, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • TN Amarin, Rovinj-Rovigno
  • AC Veštar, Rovinj-Rovigno

Grad Vodnjan

  • Barbariga
  • Peroj

Industrial Projects d.o.o.

  • Bi-val, Fažana-Fasana

Arenaturist d.d.

  • Ambrela, Pula-Pola
  • Hotel Brioni, Pula-Pola
  • Histria Yacht, Pula-Pola

Grad Labin

  • Maslinica, Rabac
  • St. Andrea, Rabac

Valamar Riviera d.d.

  • Lanterna, Rabac
  • Girandella, Rabac


Plava Laguna d.d. Poreč

  • Parentium, Poreč-Parenzo

Tehnomont d.d.

  • Tehnomont – Marina Veruda, Pula-Pola

ACI Croatia International Club d.d.

  • Umag-Umago
  • Pula-Pola
  • Pomer