Mediterranean life: A healthy and active lifestyle is the goal!

A mediterranean lifestyle is what most people should aim for. But why is that? The Mediterranean diet and active life is a healthy and pleasant way of living.

The proof that mediterranean lifestyle and diet is so healthy, is in the fact that mediterranean countries have amongst the highest life expectancies in the world.


Fish plays a big role on mediterranean diet and the benefits of eating seafood regularly are countless. The fact that Croatia, especially Istria, is a peninsula with a very long coastline, makes it possible to have a variety of fresh seafood.

Firstly, a seafood based diet is very low in fat, cholesterol and high in protein. A diet rich in Omega 3, is extremely beneficial for the brain and body function, particularly during developing ages, or on a late stage, maintaining a healthy brain function and preventing the brain from deteriorating.

A mediterranean seafood diet is also high in nutrients and vitamin D, a nutrient that most people are deficient in. It functions like a steroid hormone in the body. It can even avoid mood swing and prevent depression.

Good for the heart, brain and body, fish is an incredible nutritious and healthy ingredient towards a happy enjoyable life. 

Mediterranean grilled fish