Luxury Real Estate Croatia

The Real Estate of Luxury

Real estate investing varies from country to country. Investors looking for the best return on investment, but also to invest on a property that they can take advantage of this investment, in a country that they can enjoy it.

The luxury real estate is taking over the industry in Croatia, starting from the hospitality industry, that saw the potential of the luxury stays, throughout the stunning Croatian coast line combined with an extremely rich culture and gastronomy.

Together with it, a wave of investments developing the infrastructure, is making the country even more attractive not only for hospitality but for luxury real estate investing.


Luxury Real Estate Croatia
Luxury Real Estate Croatia


Sotheby’s International Realty


According to the director of Sotheby’s International Realty Croatia, director Marko Pazanin, there is an increase of 25% in Luxury listings Clients are mostly German, Austrian, Czech and Slovakian nationals, followed by clients from Scandinavian countries and England,”.

This increase, has a lot to do with the country itself, and also the advantages and high return on investment that Croatia presents to investors worldwide.


Zadar is becoming the Croatian dream for America!

People coming from all parts of the world get impressed by the stunning and nearly untouched beauty of Croatia. This attributes surely bring people looking for a perfect holiday destination, in which case Croatia fulfills this requirement, but also impresses and attracts entrepreneurs and investments. Recently, around the 15th of October, The Croatian Employer’s Association organised a couple of meeting with the US delegation. 


The delegation included outstanding guests


This delegation brought along Jeffory Blackard, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blackard Global, Inc. A company that is the first firm in the world to advocate for the creation of modern-day villages. Before developing moder-day villages, Blackard Global, Inc developed over two billion dollars worth of real estate of varying kinds.

Jeffory Blackard is responsible for the completion of over 30 Master Planned Communities and 15,000 single family home sites. With almost 40 years experience, during various developments, he had his first experience with the country of Croatia.




Croatia weather: Visit also during the winter!

Croatia weather is famous for its sunny and very warm days. It keeps attracting  millions of tourists yearly, willing to spend their holidays either on the side of a swimming pool, along the numerous promenades extended through the Croatian coast line, or on the beautiful beaches.

But one thing that many tourists don’t expect or even consider, is Croatia as a winter holiday destination. And believe me, it is as stunning as the sunny glorious days of summer.


Croatia weather fluctuations


Croatia weather can go as high as 36 °C during the summer, but surprisingly can drop as low as 7 °C in the winter. However this temperature drop doesn’t interfere on the fact that, Croatia is a perfect holiday destination, regardless. So, instead of visiting the popular winter destinations on your holiday, be surprised by what Croatia has to offer during the not so sunny seasons.

The food will make you warm and happy


One thing is for certain, the food is spectacular on any season of the year. During the summer you can delight yourself with delicious and fresh seafood meals. During the winter it is no different, you will also delight yourself but with hearty, warm and meaty dishes.

Traditional Croatian food have some similarity with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish. But the Croatian culture gives it its own twist. These include manestra, a bean soup prepared only in Istria, or fuzi, a hand-rolled pasta typical for Istria. In the cold days of winter you can be served Sarma, which is sauerkraut stuffed with minced meat and rice with spices.




Croatia is now investing on health tourism!

If you are planning on investing in Croatia, in an specific sector, for example real estate, it is important to know beforehand, what is the investment scene of the country you are aiming for. 

It is not news that the main industry and sector that receives more investments currently in Croatia is tourism, showing amazing numbers that constantly increase yearly. For that reason, plenty of investments are moving towards Croatia’s tourism. However, the country is aware of other sectors that are growing interest for large amounts of investments, for example:


Real Estate


DAMAC was the first real estate company from the Middle East to list on the London Stock Exchange and they raised 379 million US dollar in the form of an IPO.

Valamar, a large investment group that operates in Croatia, plans to invest 2 more billion kunas by 2020 in real estate in Croatia, being 95 mln only in 2018.




Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has set up a 11 billion dollars fund to invest in Central and Eastern Europe. If you fit this money in a room it would probably reach the ceiling.

Currently the fund invests in projects in Poland, however the fund has already contacted the Croatian government with a request of presenting them some companies to invest in or projects.


Krnica, exterior, concept 1, night

Best investments: real estate opportunities in Europe!

One of the best investments one could do is property investing, but it can also be very difficult decision requiring research on the area the property is located and on the property itself, apart from a lot of budgeting or financing for most people. For that reason, It can be really a decision for life if that is the case as if you decide to finance you will have a couple of year of mortgage awaiting for you.


How then to make the most of your money and depending on the area even an income?


To make an income it is important to decide on a property that is located in a very attractive area or country. This way you guarantee there will be away interest from tourists to stay in your house if you decide to rent it. That is the core of buying an investment property as well as in an areaBuying an investment property has to both ways, for the investor and for the guests.

To make this comparison simpler we selected a few countries and the prices for a house in comparison to Croatia. So, here is a brief list of properties in Europe. There are requirements you can stick to when looking for an investment property abroad, on the list below the requirements were either price or number of rooms.



Gluten Free Croatian food

If you are looking for a gluten-free diet while in Istria, you are in for a treat. Croatian food is traditionally is based naturally in gluten-free ingredients, while celiac-friendly pizzas will make your Croatian food experience complete.


Croatian food and Istrian cuisine is celiac-friendly

Traditional Istrian cuisine is a Mediterranean one, with a dose of continental influence. Locals rely on fish, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables, and throw in a piece of pork or ox meat for good measure. 

For those looking for a healthy, gluten-free diet, it means their options are readily available in farmers’ markets, restaurants and shops. A bit of planning in advance will make sure they taste all the flavors of Istria.  

investment property

Istria 2018: Wave of huge investments beneficial for your real estate

What’s the recipe to the right real estate investment opportunity? 


In this article you’ll read about very important aspects of real estate investing and how you can benefit from it in the future.

To start with that, it would be great having a team of analysts making the research and providing you the direction on where to place your capital and invest. 

But having a team can be costly, and for some investors the usage of potential investing capital to hire members and support is misuse.

While you collect information and research on your own, some people rater spend for this detailed research but what sometimes is not considered is that this process can take up years. 

One wise way to direct your own investment research is observing in what industry and location well known investors are putting their money on, this way you can surf the wave of investment opportunities. 



What is the Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee?


Imagine you become an owner of a house in Croatia, which doesn’t have the Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee.

The house is in an attractive location in the south of Istria.

In fact, many tourists come here. It’s because of the sea, nature, vicinity to Pula and Rovigno and sport and culinary attractions.

But what should you do to get the tourists coming to YOUR house and paying the rent to YOU?

What everyone do to rent the house to tourists

1.) Option I: do-it-yourself: manage and sell to tourists on your own

Placing your house online (so that it is available for rent) and managing the requests from tourists seems to be simple.

But it’s not: i’s time-consuming and you need to know a lot of stuff.

In fact, this strategy happens very rarely to foreign investors buying a villa in Croatia.

Pre-sale to tourist management doesn’t cost a lot, when you have a scale effect (more houses in portfolio).

It’s definitely not an option for an investor, who wants to keep his freedom and automatise the cash flow from the property in Croatia.

2.) Option II: go to a tourist agency 

People, who doesn’t know how to place a house online, how to speak 4 languages or don’t have time, just go to the tourist agency.

Tourist agency photograph, describes your houses and puts it on portals.

That’s the they make to bring you the clients.

It takes only a commission of 20-30% on your income for bringing you the tourists.

Cleaning, urgent issues, welcoming quests, all this remain on your shoulders.

And you need to pay another company to deal with that.

I am sure, that also you would like to have something better than this 2 very limited and expensive options.

Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee

The Candy Brick Full Management Guarantee is an extra bonus to the CB Rental Guarantee.

With the Rental Guarantee the rent of your villa in Croatia in secured.

With the Full Management Guarantee you have trusted and professional staff taking care of the guests.

  • You have the cleaning and laundry.
  • You have the gardening and pool cleaning.
  • You have the number, the guests can call any time, day and night to solve any problem .

Team members are local (based close to your house), and master, they know their job and engage fully in every task.

You may think it’s an optional. But it’s not.

A professional and reliable management service is key for your investment.

Don’t waste your time with boring work, filling up documents and trying to find tenants.

Enjoy your €30.000 rental guarantee every year and take advantage of our convenient and professional service!


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Protect Your Investment: How To Avoid Legal Risks When Buying A House In Croatia


Buying a house in Croatia

When buying a house in Croatia, I know that you are focused on the minimum income that you can get. With a Candy Brick villa, this income is at least of €25.000 to 30.000. And I agree with you: it is a very high income (protected by the Candy Brick Rental Guarantee) .

Probably you are also very focused on the opportunity to sell the villa in the future, at a higher price. Candy Brick villa is an asset that improves drastically your financial situation, generating an income and value at near-to-zero risk.

But all this is not possible with a property that is not covered with the Candy Brick Rental Guarantee. 

Foreign Buyers In Croatia: Stressful Journey

Meet John (Birmingham, UK), Anna (Padova, Italy) and Peter (Potsdam, Germany).

3 foreign property investors, who wanted to have their house in Croatia: a luxury escape, few minutes driving from the seaside, where to spend time with their partner and monetising with rental to tourists during the season (from June to September).

Unfortunately, their journey as investors in Croatia is not the one they wanted. And what makes them even more furious is that it will continue on a difficult and stressful track also over next years 

Meaning that, instead of enjoying their villa with pool in Croatia and renting it to tourists, today they are still struggling to end their nightmare in Croatia.

Signing A Contract To Buy A House In Croatia With No Legal Guarantees

John, Anna and Peter have been watching closely the real estate market in Croatia for over a year before taking the decision:

Yes, I want to be the owner of a villa with pool in Croatia.

They learnt where should be located and how many rooms should have a villa to get the highest profit.

They visited the Croatian coast few times before the purchase and felt confident when evaluating houses on Njuskalo (website with ads) and Real Estate Croatia (portal with real estate offers).

In 2016 they found a house in Croatia of their interest. The arrangement of the rooms and the location seemed to be exactly what they were looking for since a long time.

They knew, they should have controlled the documents of the house in Croatia and plot before going to the notary. But….

… the man from the real estate agency pressed them. He wrote the agreement, organised the translation and set the meeting with the seller at the notary. Fast. Faster.

Commission of 3% was too attractive to let go 3 foreign buyers.

If you can read in the agent’s head, you would read:

You know… if I give them 2 more days to analyse, they may change their mind or change the conditions of the contract. I need to close the sale Immediately!

Don’t worry our boss has 13 years of experience, our agency operates since 1997, we know how to protect you, Buyer

This is what the investors heard from the agent. They checked and in fact it was true. The agency has been opened since 1997 and the boss started working in real estate 13 years ago.

But will they really prepare the contract to protect mine, buyer’s interests? That question was in the head of John, Anna and Peter.

Meeting at the notary has been organised. Monday morning at 9:00. Time is running, but let’s consult the agreement with a lawyer.

First lawyer was busy. The second one spoke only Croatian. Should I sign what they give me without even proposing any conditions?!Tick tack, tick tackLet’s do it. I am tired of searching for a house for sale in Croatia.

And if they have bad intentions? Uff, I need to delay the notary. Find another lawyer. Where is my phone to call the agency?

But… if that house in Croatia is my life time opportunity? Location is perfect and so is the interior design. The season is about to start. If I don’t buy now, I’ll loose a year.

And then… investments carry some risks. Even if I get the consultancy from the lawyer, I can’t be 100% sure. Lawyer I don’t know. He thinks to earn a small percentage of the purchase contract and there are little changes he will enter all the aspects (with all the workload he has).

Million thoughts. But there was really no time left to think. Phone is ringing.

John, we are waiting for you at the notary. Where are you?

9:15. Notary. Signature. Stamp. Done. Let’s celebrate!