Croatia bike: cycling in Croatia, exciting bike trail

Cycling In Croatia: Time For Some Active Holidays

Many tourists come to Croatia to try the spectacular mediterranean gastronomy, fresh sea food and sunbathe on some of the stunning beaches along the Croatian coast. But others, come to the country willing to spend their free time cycling in Croatia.

Croatia bike: cycling in Croatia, exciting bike trail

Cycling in Croatia And Crossing The Borders

If you classify on the second group of people that is willing to come cycling in Croatia, The TransDinarica is definitely a bike trail you should try. It currently connects Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. And for those who might think cycling only in Croatia is not enough cycling. The TransDinarica bike trail has plans to add five more countries to its route: Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Different Itineraries

TransDinarica offers the Trans Croatia itinerary, which goes from Zagreb to Zadar in 8 days. The course is approximately 362km long. Throughout the bike trail, you will be staying in a variety of hotels, farms and b&bs. While you are cycling in Croatia, the tour offers a luggage transfer from hotel to hotel,so you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about your luggage.

Don’t worry when you feel hungry after all the cycling. Throughout this fantastic experience, you can enjoy the spectacular cuisine the country has to offer whilst cycling in Croatia. Between the stops, surely you will be able to taste the most beautiful wines and food the country has to offer, whilst overlooking some of the most magnificent landscapes.

Safest countries in Europe

On The List Of The Safest Countries In Europe, Croatia Is On A Safe Position

Croatia is one of the safest countries in Europe, yes. Apart from being blessed with astonishing nature, landscapes, fresh and rich gastronomy, and fantastic weather. The country also ranked the 22 position on the list of the safest countries in the world.

Coming to Croatia for holidays is already a delightful experience. But knowing that you could come to Croatia and not worry about the dangers a big city offers, is truly unique.

Safest countries in Europe

Safest Countries In Europe: The List

The well known Global Finance Magazine, released the up to date list of the safest countries in the world. Even more, in this list Croatia occupies the twentieth second position globally.

But in fact, according to the same list, the country appears on the 16 position of the safest countries in Europe.

Safest countries in Europe: Global Finance list
Safest countries in the world: Global Finance list
Family activity holidays

Are You Ready For Some Family Activity Holidays?

Coming to Croatia means having a fantastic time. If you decide to have some private time, you can enjoy some wine tasting, truffle hunting and the stunning coast of Croatia. But Croatia can be also superb if you are looking for some family activity holidays.

Family activity holidays

Activity Holidays: Waterpark with the family, make sure you get your water proof camera to record some nice shots

Istralandia is a must go and it is fun guaranteed for the adults and children. There is the perfect attraction for the adults who are looking for some adrenaline. The Space Rocket. That is to say, you are basically capsuled in a glass tube, the floor disappears and plummets you to the ground.

For the children, there’s plenty of activities available, wave pool, foam party, beach football, face painting and even a magician.

Croatia Road Trip

Croatia Road Trip: Motorway Improvement Ahead

If you once came to Croatia, you know that the country is one of the most wonderful holiday destinations in Europe, perfect for a Croatia road trip.

If you live near and are lucky enough to reach this wonderful country by car, then the news is even more exciting for you.

Large developments and investments, were towards the improvement of the motorways in Croatia, making them pleasant to drive on and keeping them well maintained.

Croatia Road Trip
Croatia Road Trip

Large Investment On The Main Istrian Motorway

A significant investment of €165 million, to go ahead and improve the motorways in Croatia, happened last year in 2018, in the Istrian peninsula with the Istrian Y.

The Istrian Y motorway is fundamental for the access and mobility in the peninsula. It is responsible for the connection of Istria, with international motorways.

Istria attracts a great amount of tourists that decide to visit the country. Investments in Croatia and improvements easing the access to the region, are extremely important for the overall picture.

The concession of Istrian Y was extended to Bina-Istra till the year of 2032. With the actual motorway improving, the way of payments and charging the users of those motorways are also looking to a future improvement in Croatia.

Real Estate in Croatia

Real Estate Price in Croatia Is On The Rise

Know Where To Invest

Real Estate in Croatia
Real Estate in Croatia

Real estate price in Croatia is constantly rising, the number put Croatia on the third place of the property price risers of the European Union. In the third quarter of 2018, Croatia came after Netherlands and Malta, with 2.8%.

The avarage of price rise in the European territory was of 1.5%, with some of the most famous holiday destination countries dropping by 0.8% in Italy and and 0.7% in Romania.

However, investors from all the globe are focusing more and more on purchasing or investing in a real estate in Croatia, due to the benefits the country now presents and keeps proving in numbers the potential it has and will have in the future.

Adriatic sea

China Investment On The Coast

Again, the Chinese keep showing interest for Croatia and are willing to make this link even stronger and closer.

This link has started centuries ago, around 700 years. But this time the focus is the coast of Croatia, in particular Rijeka with a China investment opportunity.

Adriatic sea
Adriatic sea

First, Tourism

A noticeable increase of Chinese visitors to Croatia took place in 2017. More than 57% tourists flew to the country, putting China on the 5th place of tourists arrivals in Zagreb.

In 2018, the European Travel Commission has approved funds to Croatian and Slovenian tourism authorities for their joint promotion in China.

The campaign was named “Experience Croatia, Feel Slovenia”, the aim of the campaign was, introducing Croatia and Slovenia as the European top holiday destinations they are to the Chinese. The campaign cost was over €200,000, half of which was co-financed by ETC.

Croatia's economic growth

Croatia’s Economic Growth Is Positive

Croatia’s economic growth is very positive, with the rise of investments and developments taking place. The country is becoming more and more attractive.

Due to this fact, the The World Bank, which is formed by five institutions working for sustainable solutions to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries, has positive perspectives about Croatia’s economic growth this year.

Croatia's economic growth

Croatia Economy

The prediction of this year is, an increase of 2,8% Croatia’s economic growth, according to what The World Bank has revealed this Tuesday.

“The World Bank projects that Croatia’s economic growth in 2018 was 2.7%, revising upwards the projection from last June by 0.1 percentage points, while upholding the growth projection for 2020 at 2.8%. The projection shows that in 2021, the growth is to slow down to 2.6%.”

Croatia Yacht Season

Yacht season in Croatia!

A Yacht in Croatia is a perfect combination, due to the plenty of beautiful and extensive coastline of an stunning adriatic and dalmatian coast, and its fantastic marinas.

Croatia Yacht Season
Croatia Yacht Season

Refined tourist

The beauty, accessibility and length of the coast, and as a result the marinas, attract a peculiar type of tourist.

The refined, high spending tourists that reach the country thought the sea either in a sailing boat or yacht.

Sea sports

Also, due to its natural resource, Croatia offers plenty of sea sports and international competitions, such as the Big Game Fishing and constantly regattas throughout the year. The Regattas calendar is packed with opportunities for sailing enthusiasts to race their boats in breathtaking settings.

Regatta Sailing Boats
Regatta Sailing Boats

Yacht rental

The price for a yacht rental can vary between €14,000 a week, for a luxurious stay in a Catamaran Lagoon 320, with a total of 7 cabins 5 doubles for the guests and 2 cabins to accomodate the crew.

Or, for a less luxurious Catamaran, you can find the Lagoon 39 for €2,450 per week. Or if looking for sailing, there are also sail boats available for €1,100 per week.


Day trip to Opatija from your Candy Brick villa

When arriving to Croatia, you might wonder where to go for a classy and refined experience. Istria has many of those places but one worth the visit is Opatija.

You won’t regret sightseeing this elegant city of Rijeka, 1 hour and a half driving from your Candy Brick luscious investment property, is a must go day trip to take your family or to relax on your own. The great thing about this city is that it can be delightful during the summer but also during the winter in Croatia.