Tuna Fish: Food and Sport

Gear Up!

The gear has to fit the fisherman measures, for example, there are different types of equipment for teenager and smaller guys and for bigger adults).

Similarly, it varies according to the size of the catch, for example everything has to be stronger if you wish to catch a large 600kg tuna fish or a 50 cm 1 kg Mackerel.


The price for you gear will depend on the fishing level (beginner or advanced) and the list is extense:


Rod and reel – This tools are essential, it has to be purchased according to the catch and the fishermen.

Fishing line – variety of fishing lines lengths and strengths.

Hooks – The hooks change accordingly to the size of the fish you are willing to catch.

Sinkers – Is the weight to in the line to help the bit sinking.

Bobbers – The opposite to the sinkers, these are small floating balls, so they can keep your bait on a specific depth, and indicate the bite of the catch.

Needle – nose pliers – Tool for hook removal.

Scissors or clippers – Due to the strength of the lines, you will need a tool to cut it if needed.

Baits – It varies, some fishermen use insects, live baits, smaller catches or artificial.

Tackle box – Helps you to organise the fishing accessories so they can come in handy and precisely.



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