Where To Stay In Croatia? Try Istria And You Won’t Regret!

If you wonder where to stay in Croatia, first you have to ask yourself what are you looking for and what you expect from your holidays in the country.

If you would like to have a classy, refined and relaxing holiday, with quality stay and experiences one place you should definitely aim to Istria.

Where To Stay In Croatia: First, Look A Bit At Its History

Istria is full of surprises and has a rich history. Before the Roman Empire occupied Istria, the regions of Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albani were inhabited by the Illyrian tribes.

Illyrian is a name given by the Greeks to this ancient tribe that moved through the Adriatic shoreline.

Roman Empire

After the Illyrians, the Roman Empire arrived. In 178 and 177 BC, what is now known as Pula, used to be a Roman port that gradually spread its influence over the towns of Istria.

Most of Istria’s major buildings were constructed during the Roman Empire period, that is why the style of these buildings such as Amphitheatre and Forum are clearly Roman. Istria was in fact considered one province of Italy, but that lasted only until the empire did.

The Venetian Rule

After the ancient influences came the Venetian Rule. Most of the coastal towns in Istria, like Poreč, Umag, Novigrad, Motovun, Piran and Rovinj were also under the Republic of Venice rule.

Therefore the style of this towns and even a few buildings such as the Venetian Tower in Cres island remain preserved.

Dual Monarchy

The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Dual Monarchy), making Croatia-Slavonia a kingdom in 1814.

It became  Afterwards a Croatian-Hungarian Settlement in 1868 and ended in 1918. Then until 1947 it was part of Italy, then Yugoslavia, and, finally, in 1991, Croatia.

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