Zadar is becoming the Croatian dream for America!

Zadar under the spotlight


The focus of the meeting was on Real Estate investing and the Pašman Riviera Blackard Global tourism project. Pašman island is part of Zadar archipelago, it is also the island with the most greenery surface in Croatia, and with heavy Roman architecture influences. 

The project aims to investment an incredible amount of 500 milion euros, making it one of the largest tourism investments in Croatia. Pašman Riviera Blackard Global project is a resort with hotels, apartments, villas, beaches and other accompanying facilities with a total capacity of 4000 beds.

“We will try to create an authentic Dalmatian settlement, in accordance with the tradition and the environment I have thoroughly studied. We would only use domestic materials in construction. Workers who would work in the settlement would live there” – Blackard said.


Another outstanding presence


And the investments don’t end there, because Croatia is exuberant in its beauty and natural resources, the Country is not attracting only real estate investments, but also rises the interest of investments in the energy, technology and innovation fields. 

Jeffery Blackard, together with nothing more and nothing less than Rick Santorum, who is a former US Senator, are partners in Zero Global Waste company

Zero Global Waste has as an objective, turning waste materials into alternative forms of energy and fuel. Because of the strong link between Croatia and Jeffery Blackard, the company interest in helping and invest in the country’s positive development is promising.




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